Many people find answering the door to anyone scary and weird. But, for those of us who still answer the door when the doorbell rings, you could find yourself vulnerable to scams.

There are many door-to-door salespeople who are simply trying to make an honest living. Yet, it’s not always easy to know when someone is trying to con you. What if someone goes door to door asking for electric bill and selling you something?

Check out our guide to avoid getting scammed below. Here’s what to do if you hear a ring at the doorbell.

1. Always Ask for Proof of ID

When you answer the door, don’t immediately trust that the person is who they say they are. You need to ask for proof of ID.

Just because they’re wearing a uniform and you vaguely recognize the logo on the back of their clipboard, don’t be fooled.

If they cannot show you any ID, then you should immediately say that you’re not interested and goodbye. If they hand you an ID, make sure you inspect the ID carefully.

2. Avoid Sharing Any Private Information

You should never give any private information away at the door to a stranger. It is normally safe to share your name.

But, always avoid sharing any information about your bank accounts or credit cards. Don’t tell anyone your social security number either.

Many door-to-door energy salespeople may ask to see your electric bill. You shouldn’t show them this since it could have personal information on it.

3. Know Your Energy Provider

Many Americans don’t have a clue about energy. You need to know who is providing your energy at the moment.

You may be able to get a better deal by switching with Electricity Scout. But, also, this will prevent you from getting tricked by people pretending to be from your energy provider.

4. Stay Up to Date on Scammers

If you’re concerned about scammers, you need to stay up to date on whether there are reports of energy scammers in the community.

You can keep yourself abreast of scammers by reading the local news and asking your neighbors about anything they may have heard.

5. Always Report a Scam

If you have been a victim of an energy scam or suspect a door to door salesperson was trying to scam you, you need to report it.

When you report a scam to the local authority, you can ensure that other people will be protected next time this happens.

Do You Know Anyone Going Door to Door Asking for Electric Bill?

If you have anyone going door to door asking for electric bill and trying to sell you something, this is probably a scam.

Don’t be tricked. Shut your door and phone the police. You don’t want to find yourself conned into paying a lot of money to a fraudster.

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