The commercial salary of a real estate developer is around $85,000. They also get profit sharing and bonuses for a job well done.

If you’re ready to make a good salary, you might be considering working in real estate. Learning how to become a real estate developer gives you many options and you can choose to work for yourself or for a company.

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What Is Real Estate Development?

Having an understanding of what real estate development is before we get into how to become one will make the process easier. Real estate development has one of the best rates of return in many cases. Keep in mind that it’s also more complicated.

The basic thought of real estate development is that you buy properties and build them for investment purposes. You could invest in industrial, commercial, and residential properties. Most people invest in one type of real estate, and become experts in that area.

A Day In the Life of a Real Estate Developer

When you’re a real estate developer like Michael Ching and other professionals in the real estate arena, the first part of the process is buying land to prepare it for construction. Once you prepare it for construction, you’ll have to manage the construction process until the end.

You might be doing things like securing financing from a bank, pitching investors on your project, or finding other means of getting the money for your project.

When you’re a real estate developer, you’ll be making a lot of deals. Learning how to present your ideas attractively and creating a compelling argument are key.

Necessary Education

Before you get started in this career, you’ll need some specific education. You’ll need to go to college and get a degree in a relevant field. You might consider business management, law, or another similar degree.

Not only should you consider traditional education, but taking other courses can help you get a leg up on the competition. You can take courses from other real estate developers and learn their systems and processes to add them to what you’re currently doing.

There are different certifications you get as well, which gives you more credibility.

Networking to Grow Your Business

Relationships are key when you’re in a business like real estate development. If you don’t have the right connections, you can get caught up in red tape, and might lose deals to people that are connected to decision-makers.

Making alliances with key people in the area you’re developing will help speed up the process. You’ll want to go to networking events and other events to make alliances.

You can also reach out to people on LinkedIn to grow your connections. You never know when people are looking to make a deal, and using LinkedIn can make it easier for you to target the people you need to meet.

If you’re just getting started in this industry, it may take some time to build these relationships. Be persistent and the pay off will be worth it.

Become Financially Responsible

Before you can be truly successful in real estate, you need to get good at handling finances. Learning how to set budgets, plan for unexpected expenses, and learning how to raise money for your project as essential skills.

If you aren’t good with money, you may consider hiring a finance professional to work on your team and advise you on important matters. You’ll be dealing with a lot of numbers on a daily basis, so if you aren’t good with them — someone needs to be.

Failing to properly calculate income or expenses can cost you a project. As the old saying goes — you’re only as good as your last deal. You need to create a positive track record if you want to be successful as a real estate developer, so getting the financial part right is essential.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

When you’re working in real estate, it’s important to set big goals. Knowing what you’re after and why it’s important to you will keep you on track when times get tough.

There are plenty of things that could go wrong when you’re working in real estate development. You might go to sleep one night and everything is fine, and the next day you’re running around putting out fires.

Being able to roll with the punches is an essential part of being a real estate development professional. When you get knocked down, keep your eyes on the prize, and know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Persistence beats resistance and the more you show the industry what you’re willing to do, and how you can get things done, the more deals you’ll see open up to you. People want to bet on someone who is a sure thing, so you need to make working with you as attractive as possible by creating a shining track record.

Learning How to Become a Real Estate Developer

Now you know more about how to become a real estate developer. You can grow your business or career as big as you want with the many options available.

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