In the workplace, it is not enough that only engineers and workers are present. There are also other factors to consider before starting to move in the workplace. One of the factors that we should consider is the safety of the people. Safety is the most important factor to consider in the workplace. Without safety, workers might get injuries in the workplace which may cause a delay in the workplace.

Companies need to hire safety coordinators to ensure the safety of their workers. Safety coordinators are professionals who make sure that the working environment is safe. They are the ones who set the policies and standards that need to be followed in the workplace. They work on planning and implementing the rules and regulations to ensure safety so that everyone will be safe. They are also the ones responsible for conducting an investigation when there are accidents in the workplace.

Safety coordinator course at MDIS

Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) is a private education institution in Singapore that offers a wide range of courses in various fields. One of the best courses they offer is the safety coordinator course. The safety coordinator degree program in MDIS is accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). This means that the Safety coordinator course is taught in MDIS with high quality and standards. Students who earn their bachelor’s degree are recognized by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

How to be a Safety coordinator?

1. Safety coordinator course

Aspirants who wish to become a Safety coordinator must achieve certificates or any degree (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s) in safety management. They may also take a safety coordinator course that specializes in occupational health and environmental safety. Many employers prefer safety coordinators with bachelor’s degrees.

Safety Coordinator

On the other hand, they also want safety coordinators with formal training on their specific line of the field. There are also employers who accept safety coordinators with a lesser degree but have been trained for the occupational field.

Recommendation: A safety coordinator who is certified with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training is the most sought after by employers. Safety coordinators with OSHA training have the following benefits below like:

  • They have the ability to figure out and prevent workplace hazards
  • They will be able to protect the workers from injuries and illnesses.
  • They will be able to prevent fatality caused by the unsafe practice
  • They are able to inform and alert workers about health and safety rules and regulations in the workplace
  • They can boost and improve the employees’ confidence
  • OSHA trained safety coordinators regulate workplace safety that may give small enterprises a recruiting edge
  • OSHA trained safety coordinators also has benefits in Return On Investment (ROI) by the means of workplace safety and health

2. Safety coordinators must build up their work experience

Safety coordinators should be trained with high quality to be able to have a greater effect in the workplace. They can do On-The-Job training as part of their experience in the worksite. These experiences will be able to add up to their skills and eventually become adept at what they do. They should be able to know what happens or what exactly should they do in the workplace. They must have experience in implementing rules and regulations.

Safety coordinators who pursue an advanced degree in safety courses have a lot of opportunities on both local and global scales. This is because safety is a very important factor in the workplace. With this said, Safety coordinators with advanced degrees don’t last unemployed for a long time. Large companies, due to their size and professional work, hire safety experts with an advanced degree. This way, they are ensured that the safety levels set by their company are implemented with a high standard.

With the advancements and modernization in our present world, safety has been becoming more and more compromised. The levels of safety are increased in the workplace because we have to cope up with today’s harmful environment. That is another reason why safety coordinators are recommended to pursue an advanced safety coordinator course. Safety coordinators with an advanced degree have the advantage to impose high levels of rules and regulations. They are also certified as the best options for safety in the workplace.

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