A lot more people are starting to wonder how they can create a sustainable wardrobe for themselves. This makes sense, as the EPA reported that there are now 17 million tons of textile waste just in the United States. 5.8% of this astounding total is made up of garbage from clothing and shoes. However, due to the throw away fashion culture, this percentage is rising.

A sustainable wardrobe usually has a smaller negative influence on our planet. Sustainability in the world of fashion can take many different shapes. There are other methods to build a closet that Mother Nature would adore, in addition to recycling clothing and purchasing eco-friendly items.

In this article, we will help you to build your own sustainable wardrobe.

Organize Your Pre-existing Wardrobe

Build A Sustainable Wardrobe

You may already have a sustainable wardrobe and don’t know it. However, it is important to see what you already own. Then you can see what you’re missing and remove any clothes that you don’t want anymore. However, any clothes you don’t want anymore should either be recycled or donated.

If you have an abundance of clothes, this will help you to cut down. However, it is crucial to make sure you have clothes that suit every season. If you need tips on seasonal clothing storage, then you should check out Hayden Hill, who will offer you the best advice.

Research Brands

If you want to have a sustainable wardrobe, then you need to purchase clothes from either sustainable brands or products that use sustainable materials.

Find businesses who demand strict environmental compliance from their suppliers and make steps to safeguard both employees and the environment. Look into a company’s guiding principles to find out if they utilize eco-friendly products, such as recycled or organic fabrics.

If you don’t mind that your clothes aren’t brand new, then you could always incorporate some old or thrifted apparel into your wardrobe.

Alter Your Shopping Habits

You’ve now done your research, but it’s time to change your purchasing habits before you go shopping.

The first step in creating a sustainable wardrobe is to focus on necessity rather than want. Invest in high-quality items that you will use frequently. This will save you time, money, and the environment.

Look For Organic Materials

Build A Sustainable Wardrobe

The apparel produced by mainstream brands contains a lot of chemicals since they employ cheap fabrics. Cotton is problematic in addition to the obvious synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and rayon.

The cotton that major popular brands use for their garments is sprayed with pesticides. Hence, while researching, you can look for organic cotton, leather, wool, linen, hemp, and peace silk among other non-toxic materials.

Therefore, the next time you would like to buy any new apparel, make sure to check the tag to see what materials are used to produce it.

Consider Wearability

Now that we have a sustainable shopping perspective, it’s time to evaluate wearability.  The wearability of an item is crucial to sustainability. A garment needs to be worn in order to be truly sustainable.

This is why investing in classic pieces should be a top priority. Avoid buying items that are extremely trendy because they have a tendency to become outdated very soon.

The simple t-shirts, jeans, skirts and classic dresses can easily be mixed and matched to create various new outfits, again and again.

Look After Your Wardrobe

If you want to keep your garments durable, you must take adequate care of them. This requires that before turning on the washing machine, you check the label for care instructions.

If possible, avoid using chemical detergents when washing your items. These detergents are strong and could damage sensitive clothing in addition to contaminating the water. To help your clothes last longer, try hanging your laundry to dry, rather than using a dryer.

Build A Sustainable Wardrobe

Also, if something breaks, instead of replacing your beloved jacket each time the zipper breaks, send it to a seamstress and have it fixed. Or figure out how to repair it yourself. This will stop more clothes going to landfill.


By looking into the brands you buy from and the materials your clothes are made from is a good start at creating a sustainable wardrobe. It is quite easy to make these simple changes to create a more environmentally friendly wardrobe. This will help reduce the amount of waste you are producing.

We hope this article is helpful for you. Now you should have a better idea on how you can build your own sustainable wardrobe.

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