Puppies sleep for 15 to 20 hours every day. As a dog owner, you should strive and make sure that your pups sleep well.

A good crate can help you create better living conditions for your little pooch. Additionally, it will enable you to potty train your puppy and keep him/her safe. This guide outlines some points you may want to consider when buying a puppy crate.

1. Size

Size details matter! Typically, your puppy’s length and height will determine the size of the crate you will purchase. Ensure you find a containment that allows your dog to stand up, lie down, and stretch comfortably without being cramped.

The width of the crate should be at least half the length of the puppy. To determine your puppy crate’s length, use a tape measure to measure your pooch from nose to tail and add 2-4 inches to the overall length. Measure the height of your dog from the top of his/her head to the ground.

2. Material

Most dog crates are made of either metal or plastic. Wire crates provide portability, ventilation, and security. They’re easy to clean and offer convenient storage.

Travel dog crates provide durability and strength. They’re made of materials that allow excellent ventilation and visibility.

Plastic puppy crates are made of chrome-plated steel bar doors and durable poly-blend sides. If you’re looking for a crate that will offer privacy to your pet, this type of containment would be a good buy.

Soft-sided crates are suitable for small breed puppies. They’re made of flexible and lightweight materials, making them easy to set up and carry.

3. Your Pet’s Weight

Weigh your dog before choosing containment for them. Some materials can only support specific sizes of dogs. You can use a regular weighing scale or use a weight chart to estimate your puppy’s weight.

4. Safety

A high-quality crate will keep your puppy safe from potentially harmful situations when you’re away, and as a bonus, it will keep your furniture safe from a destructive or curious pup.

Be sure to find a crate that you can properly secure before taking any trips.

5. The Purpose of the Puppy Crate

Specify how you intend to use the crate. You can utilize a dog crate to make your pup feel safe and comfortable inside your house.

If you’re buying a crate for travel, find one made of lightweight and sturdy material. Ensure you get a puppy crate that meets the stipulated travel specifications.

Don’t use containment to punish or scare your puppies as they’ll refuse to go back in.

6. Fashion

Puppy crates come in a variety of colors. You may want to choose and buy a crate that blends with your home’s interior if you plan to place your dog’s crate inside your house.

Make the Right Choice for Your Pup Friend

Pooches enjoy having spaces that they can retreat to when they’re tired, sick, bored, or sleepy. A puppy crate offers emotional benefits and facilitates housetraining

It’s important, therefore, to consider the points mentioned in this guide to find a desirable puppy crate.

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