We all know and understand that the key to success in relationships is communication. In fact, most relationships would rate honesty as one of the top qualities in a partner, if asked to name values and qualities in a mate. But as much as we’d like to trust our partner, sometimes alarm bells go off that suggest something isn’t quite right.

Maybe they’ve become more secretive with their phone. Perhaps their work hours have suddenly changed without cause or reason. Or, maybe it’s a gut instinct that’s telling you something just doesn’t feel right. If you think https://innewsweekly.com/its-not-cheating-if-you-dont-get-caught-how-to-have-an-affair/your partner is cheating, you can either ignore the feeling or investigate things a bit further for peace of mind.

Here are 6 ways to help you catch a cheating partner:

1)     Reverse phone lookup.

When your partner suddenly becomes secretive with their phone, it’s a pretty good indication that something isn’t right. Text messages, phone calls, and SMS messaging is one of the more popular methods of catching your partner in the act.

Browse through the history of the device and look for phone calls at strange hours. Unlisted numbers or numbers with names that you don’t recognize are a huge red flag that your partner may have another interest.

Use a reverse phone lookup on any number you don’t recognize within the phone. If you happen to find a number texting late at night or during work hours, run it through the database to see the registered owner. With a name to put to the caller, you’ll have a better idea of what’s going on.

2)     Look at social media.

Social media platforms are increasingly causing problems within relationships, particularly for those who struggle to stay committed. Browse through your partner’s friends list (if they have it visible) and keep track of who they interact with online.

Notice how your partner engages with you online too. If your super laid-back partner has suddenly become very hesitant to share posts, stops tagging you in photos, or simply hides their list out of the blue, something has probably encouraged the change.

3)     Find secure or hidden folders.

With most new cell phones, a secure folder is a safe-guarded place to keep secret conversations, photos, videos, or media. Apps can help embed photos into alternate audio or video files (for example, that racy nude will appear as a photo of a lion cub). Although you’ll need to know the code to unlock the secure tab, it’ll give you a good indication of whether your partner is trying to stray outside the relationship.

4)     Review website history.

Websites say a thousand words sometimes, especially if your partner has joined some of the many websites designed for intermarital affairs. If a partner is secretive, there’s a good chance that website history is a solid starting point.

Take notice of any email platforms you’re unfamiliar with, browsed platforms that seem out of character, or any constantly deleted history. If they’re trying to hide something, a squeaky-clean browser means they’re deleting things as soon as they’ve closed the browser.

5)     Investigate credit cards.

Having an affair typically costs money, whether it’s evenings out, gifts, flowers, or memberships online. Look at any monthly statements coming into the home for unexplained or unfamiliar charges. Any charges on the monthly bill will highlight not only what they’ve done, but also how much it costs them to continue the outside relationship.

6)     Ask them directly.

If you’ve noticed multiple signs or suspicions that something just isn’t right, asking your partner is often the best way to uncover the truth. Try to remain unbiased and removed when discussing the potential cheating, especially if you’re asking on a hunch instead of with facts.

Take note of your partner’s body language during the conversation. If someone is lying, they’re more likely to shift or hold very still, fluctuate their voice, or have mismatched body language to emotion.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of ways to catch your partner having an affair, it’s definitely a solid starting point. Relationships need to be built on loyalty and trust, but most importantly, they need strong communication. If you’re suspecting your partner is unfaithful, investigating further can help calm your nerves further or confirm your suspicions entirely.

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