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How to Choose the Best Logo Colors for Your Brand

Studies have indicated that color can majorly influence the emotional response of the viewer. Using the science of color theory, you can build associations with your brand depending on the company colors you choose.

Picking your logo colors can have a significant impact on your brand’s success. Luckily, there are some concrete references to use that will help you effectively communicate your brand’s message.

Read on for our guide on how to choose the best logo colors for your brand.

Consider Your Brand

Before you decide on the best logo colors for your business, you should take a moment to consider your brand’s purpose and what emotions you want your customers to associate with your company.

Use a logo generator to experiment with different color combinations. Choose colors based on what impression you’re trying to make.

Choosing the Best Logo Colors

Different colors evoke different emotions when they’re placed in a visual context. When you’re choosing one (or multiple) for your logo, it takes on the characteristics of both colors.

When choosing the best logo colors for your brand, consider what you want your company colors to communicate. Then, review color theories to determine which color(s) speak your message the most effectively. Red Kite Design create the best logo design Sunshine Coast wide. So, come to us for creating a great logo to ensure your brand’s success.


The color red is passionate, fiery, and romantic. It can also reflect a feeling of strength and vigor that commands the attention of the viewer. Red is one of the best logo colors to use if you want your brand to stand out and evoke intense emotion.

Red is also known for making people hungry, so it’s one of the best logo colors to use if you’re in the food or restaurant business.


Pink tends to reflect a feeling of feminity, flowers, and childlike innocence. It’s a less intense version of red reminiscent of strawberry milkshakes, cupcakes, cotton candy, and bubble gum.

Pink is also one of the best logo colors to choose if you’re supporting women’s health or breast cancer awareness.


Orange is playful and highly creative. Since it’s the same color as autumn or a sunset, it also evokes feelings of forward-thinking and change.

Orange is one of the best logo colors to choose if your brand is lighthearted and cheerful. Like red, it also works well to stimulate appetites, too.


Yellow is the pinnacle of positivity, happiness, and joy. It is reminiscent of sunshine, ripe citrus fruit, and blooming daffodils. Yellow is one of the best logo colors to use if you want to evoke a cheerful association with your brand.

When used in the proper context, yellow can also mean danger, warning, or caution. If your business is safety-oriented, yellow is a great choice for your company colors.


Green is heavily associated with nature and environmentally conscious businesses. It is also the color of money, so it can be one of the best logo colors to use for a financial business.


Blue represents power, success, and authority. Using it in your company colors evokes a feeling of dignity, trustworthiness, and respect.


Purple is an imaginative color that is often associated with fantasy (think unicorns, fairies, and flowers). It is also the color of royalty and riches. It’s one of the best logo colors to use if you’re working with a creatively-oriented business.

Color Your Brand

Once you’ve pinpointed what your brand is all about, choosing the right company colors can successfully communicate your message. Now you know the best logo colors and what they mean, start coloring your brand today!

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