As far as everyone knows, any type of footwear is good enough to wear when riding a motorbike but, unbeknownst to everyone, different types of motorcycle boots cater to your riding needs and we’re here to guide you in purchasing the perfect boot for your perfect ride.

Motorcycle boots are designed to keep the rider comfortable, especially in long drives. They are made with heavy-duty materials for it to withstand rough roads and pavements. A motorcycle boot typically goes up from your ankles up to your calves or mid calves to protect your ankles during unwanted accidents. They are also stylish, perfect for casual wear whenever you’re off the bike.

Different Motorcycle Boot Types to Choose From

Touring or Cruiser Boots

Whenever someone says motorcycle boots, this is the first thing that comes to mind. As Walk With Boots website writes, touring/cruiser boot is a classic motorcycle boot made of high-quality leather whose design is adapted from the “engineer” boot but instead of a rounded toe like the engineer boot, the touring/cruiser has a square one. Touring/cruisers typically have a zip-up side but some styles come with laces. Some of them usually have buckles but they’re only for aesthetic purposes for they are not adjustable.

Racing/Track Boots

Due to the extreme nature of motorcycle racing compared to street riding, track boots need to be durable and armored to protect the rider. Track boots often come in contact with the pavement when sliding in extreme angles, therefore, constructed with a combination of heavy-duty leather, plastic, metal, and other composite materials. These boots need to be still with very little flexibility in them to help aid in sliding through the pavement.

MX Boots

These boots are specifically designed for motocross and off-road riding. They’re made out of a combination of leather, plastic, and metal for a stiff and durable fit made to withstand the ever-changing terrain in off-road riding. It is typically attached with buckles on the side that are adjustable to secure a tight fit to prevent debris from entering the boot. A layer of leather panels is also attached to the sides to protect the rider’s legs from heat when gripping the bike with their legs.

Sport Touring Boots

Sport touring boots are very similar to track boots when it comes to design and construction. They are not heavily armored compared to track boots making them flexible and less stiff. These boots are meant to be worn during long rides so comfort is extremely important. These boots are also far more casual which is great when commuting or whenever you’re off-the-bike.

Riding Shoes/Short Boots

Speaking of casual looks, if you’re looking for a much simpler boot without sacrificing the safety features that come in motorcycle boots, the riding shoes are the perfect one for you. This type of boot has an athletic shoe appearance making it more fitting to casual wear but still offers the same protection a traditional motorcycle boot offers.

Adventure or Dual Sport Boots

This type of boot is a cross between the sport touring and MX boots. With the design of the MX boot and the flexibility of the sport-touring boot, the Adventure boot is perfect for walking whenever you’re off your bike. Adventure boots are also waterproof making them fit for off-road activities such as water crossings.

Finding the perfect pair of boots is hard work but as long as you’re clear on what type of riding you’re going to tackle whether it be extreme sports or casual riding, there is a pair that best fits your needs for you to have a safe and comfortable ride.