How to Choose the Best Password Manager

Password managers are a great way to secure all your accounts. But Choose the Best Password Manager App can be difficult, so here are some helpful pointers for you.

Research shows that approximately 86% of passwords are just laughable security-wise. I’m talking about passwords like “12345678” and “qwerty.”

Sure, they’re easy to remember and type, but they’re also easy to crack. In fact, cybercriminals can actually break a 16-character password in less than an hour. So here is the best password manager app for solve the problem.

And passwords are effectively what stand between your sensitive data and hackers. If they’re weak, they can easily get their hands on your personal and financial information.

What’s the Solution Then?

Coming up with dozens of complex passwords that are difficult to remember and keeping them in a notebook? Which you’ll then need to go through whenever you need to log in?

Not at all. In fact, the solution is pretty simple – just use a password manager. It’s software that uses encryption to protect privacy over public Wi-Fi secure all your passwords in one place. You’ll only need to keep track of one password – the master password you use to access your account.

You’ll also have to use a secret key that’s generated by the service for you when you want to add devices to your account. But you don’t need to worry about memorizing it since most services save it in a PDF format on your device.

And besides securing your credentials, a password manager will also save you time and effort. Yep – it will actually auto-fill login fields whenever you need to sign into an account.

Sounds cool, right?

There’s only one problem – finding a really the best password manager app can be tough right now since there are so many services on the market.

But I’m going to make things easier for you by telling you exactly what features to look for when browsing password manager app solutions.

8 Signs You Found The Best Password Manager App

If a password manager has any of the following features (ideally all of them), you found a secure service you can rely on:

1. Phishing Protection

Phishing attacks are on the rise, and the odds of getting redirected to a scam website by accidentally clicking a shady link are pretty high. And the last thing you want is for the phishing website to steal your login credentials.

That’s where phishing protection from password managers app comes into play. They should let you save or bookmark the legit websites you want the auto-fill feature to work on, so that the manager doesn’t fill in the login credentials on phishing websites.

Also, it’d be ideal if the password manager app could alert you whenever you land on a shady site.

2. Password Generator

Coming up with strong passwords is hard, which is why you need a password managers with a built-in password generator. The feature should allow you to generate unique, long passwords instantly with just a few clicks.

If the service lets you generate stuff like passphrases, and PINs besides passwords, even better.

3. Auto-Lock

You should be able to configure the password manager app to lock automatically after it detects a few minutes of inactivity from your track pad, mouse, or keyboard.

This is a nice security feature by IT service provider that can stop anyone from “accidentally” snooping on your password manager account whenever you leave your device unattended.

4. 2FA/MFA/Biometric Access

This acts as an extra layer of security for your account.

2FA and MFA would require you to type in a randomly-generated code to successfully sign in – a code that’s only accessible on your device. As for bio metric access, that just means you can access your account by using your fingerprint or face on devices that support it.

All options are a good way to make sure shoulder surfing, human error, and data leaks can never compromise your master password.

5. End-to-End Encryption

This is the only kind of encryption that’s acceptable since it ensures there’s no way a hacker could intercept your data to steal your passwords. Ideally, the service should also use military-grade encryption like AES.

6. Offline Access

It’s really nice if the password managers app can store all your password data on your device. That gives you instant access to all your passwords, notes, and documents even if you’re not connected to the Internet.

7. Automatic Password Updates

Websites get breached quite often, and hackers can sometimes get away with user passwords silently.

In this case, automatic updates come in handy because they change best password manager app on the spot if a website you use suffered a breach or leak.

Basically, the password manager app should have an up-to-date global breach database that automatically alerts you when a website you use was hacked. That and it should instantly update your password for said website before the cyber criminal manages to use it.

8. No Access to Master Password & Secret Key

A password manager should never store your master password along with your other data. Also, it should never send it across the network either. That and the service shouldn’t store the secret key it generates for you on its servers.

Instead, the password managers should only store that data locally on your device. That’s the only way to make sure you’re the only one who has access to it.

Still Need More Help?

Even with all that information, picking a service can still be tough. After all, you’ll need to compare password managers to see which ones have exactly the security and functionality you need.

Well, I can do you a solid in this case. Looking for a good password manager? Just follow that link. It’ll take you to a comprehensive guide of the best password management solutions on the market right now. It also has tons of useful, easy-to-scan info about each service, and links to individual reviews too.

If you want a sneak peek at the best services to do some research of your own, though, here are the best password manager app recommendations from ProPrivacy:

  1. Dashlane
  2. Sticky Password
  3. NordPass
  4. Password
  5. 1RoboForm
  6. KeePass
  7. LastPass
  8. LogMeOnce
  9. NortonPasswordManager
  10. Zoho Vault

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