During a time of weddings becoming increasingly expensive, it can be a very good idea to save money, time, and sometimes an argument or two by simply purchasing a bridal set. Bridal sets will allow you to save time and money by giving you an engagement ring and wedding ring that complement each other, instead of you attempting to find two entirely separate bands that look kind of similar.

What Is A Bridal Set?

What Is a Bridal Set

A bridal set is made up of the wedding band and its accompanying partner, the engagement ring. Both of these are traditionally worn by the bride. The set normally consists of the two rings that match in metal type, color, gem, cut, placement, and just overall style. Some sets do contain three rings or even earrings, although these are a little harder to find.

These rings are made to sit side by side and complement one another so that they can be worn at the same time in any situation. A big-time bonus of a bridal set is that you will be able to save time finding two separate rings that match.

Why Buy A Bridal Set?

Why Buy a Bridal Set

Buying the wedding band can be scary because of how important it is. When you factor in the fact that you also have to buy the dress, flowers, venue, and other items that are needed at every wedding, the cost and stress can be a lot. For a lot of people, it can be overwhelming. Buying any kind of bridal set is very likely to save you at least some money, and probably more importantly, save you time and mental power.

Besides this, bridal sets normally look better than two separate rings, because they are meant to go together on the same finger. If you are lucky, you can find a set that is, like your partner, one of a kind. There are also countless options. Various kinds of settings, gems, cuts, metals, and engravings will allow you to get a set that is perfect for your partner’s personal style and look. This is a big help when it comes to getting a special, personalized bridal set for that special someone.

How Do You Wear A Bridal/Wedding Ring Set?

Wedding Ring Set

Before you get married, you wear the engagement band alone. But after the wedding, you would traditionally wear the wedding ring. If you save money by buying two rings together, you can wear them together as well. When you wear these rings together, you wear them on the same hand and finger. The wedding ring is worn at the bottom, going on first, and the engagement ring on top of that.

At the end of the day, once they have said yes you will be happy. However, taking advantage of bridal sets, rather than single rings, can simplify things drastically. It can save you both a lot of time, money, and stressful hours looking for a traditional wedding ring. With the money you save, you can spend more on the honeymoon, or the wedding itself, to make it even more memorable for everyone in attendance.

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