No matter if you are a casual boater or a hard-core sailor, there are a few things that you should always pack with you! Finding the right boating clothes for the waters is equally as important as the boat itself.

Getting the proper gear and outfits for the boat is as important as packing the right food, beverages, and safety gear. Rather than waiting to be on board to decide how to dress, study this guide to ensure you take every step.

Consider Comfort


When choosing the right boating clothes, comfort should be a primary consideration. Consider synthetic fabrics rather than absorbent cotton to you will stay dry and warm. Shoes should have non-slip soles that grip the boat’s surface while allowing you to move freely.

Hats are another essential piece of equipment as they block the harsh sun and provide insulation and protection against rain. A lightweight water-resistant coat is perfect for drying when the weather turns. This is one of the best factors to consider in searching for what to wear on a boat ride.

UV Protection

In searching for what to wear on a sailing boat, consider the amount of UV protection. To ensure protection from the sun’s UV rays, it is best to choose items with a high SPF rating, such as UPF50+ rated materials, as these block harmful rays and reduce the risk of sunburn.

Generally, lighter and loose-fitting clothes are ideal, as this will help to keep the wearer feeling cool and reduce the potential chafing of the skin. Hats, sunglasses, and other accessories are highly recommended for extra protection. Darker colors provide extra security, reducing the heat absorbed by the cloth.

Consider the Activity

It’s also important to get boating clothing that fits your activity. If fishing, you will want to wear something loose and comfortable that will allow you to move while casting. For a day of paddling, lightweight and quick-drying fabrics are ideal because they provide extra warmth, comfort, and flexibility.

Clothes to wear while boating

For either activity, make sure the materials of your clothes are waterproof or water-resistant since you will likely be surrounded by or near water. Bright colors are often recommended since they make it easier for other boaters to see you. If you’re looking for more fun activities, try self drive boats for hire, and make sure you have the proper clothing for it.

Expect to Get Wet

If you plan to take a boating trip to a lake, it is critical to dress appropriately. Ensure you have adequate safety gear, such as a lifejacket, and bring a towel to dry off once you’re back on land. Make sure everyone wears shoes that will provide grip, like a closed-toe shoe with a non-slip sole so that if you need to step onto a wet or slippery surface, you won’t slip.

Get the Right Boating Clothes for Your Day on the Lake

A day on the lake is an excellent way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Choosing the right boating clothes is an integral part of the experience.

Boating Clothes

Be sure to consider your environment, temperature, and the expected duration of your trip when selecting appropriate clothing and accessories to ensure a safe and enjoyable day out on the lake. Remember to wear a life jacket! Experience the joys of lake life with the right boating apparel.

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