Lanyards (leather and other material straps) keep ID cards safe and securely attached.

These accessories come in various styles, colors, and materials. The best breakaway lanyards for your needs depend on what you will be doing with them and the type of card to be secured.

Ways to Choose the Right Lanyard for ID Card

Lanyards with breakaway features for ID cards are available in various materials, shapes, and sizes. Here are the tips for selecting an appropriate lanyard for your ID card:

Consider Your Work Environment

Consider Your Work Environment

The best choice for you will depend on the kind of environment you work in. If your workplace is a factory or lab, a rubber or plastic lanyard would be appropriate.

These materials are better at keeping the card safe and secure when it hits an unexpected surface (like steel). However, they do not look as professional as leather.

For an office environment, leather is the best choice. It looks professional, and it matches most outfits.

Think About your Comfort Level

If you are going to be wearing the lanyard for long hours every day, then comfort level is a consideration that cannot be ignored. The weight of your ID card can strain muscles if you wear them in a way that causes discomfort. Your body may also get used to the weight and not feel it anymore.

To avoid such an eventuality, choose lightweight lanyards and provide enough ventilation.

Decide on the Type of Attachment Mechanism you Prefer

There is a wide variety of attachment mechanisms available for ID card lanyards. It all depends on what kind of machine you are comfortable working with. Some release when pulled hard, while others require a sharp tug to free the strap.

If you want the lanyard to be easy to remove, opt for a breakaway type designed for safety purposes. They will detach easily when pulled hard. This mechanism is ideal for environments that need lanyards to be removed frequently.

Material Should Not Be Overlooked

Material Should Not Be Overlooked

There are two basic materials used in ID card breakaway lanyards – natural and synthetic fibers. The type of fiber determines the lanyard’s strength, durability, and price.

You can choose your material depending on your budget and personal preferences. According to Statista, the global synthetic fiber production amounted to 76.5 million metric tons in 2019.

Natural fibers are usually made of leather, silk, cotton, or other natural materials light in weight. They offer excellent durability but can be pretty uncomfortable to wear around the neck for long hours.

On the other hand, synthetic fibers are generally artificial polymers like nylon. They are affordable, lightweight, odorless, and more durable than natural fibers.

The Width of the Strap is Important Too

Choosing the correct lanyard width for ID cards will help you get a perfect fit. Lanyards come in different widths – 0.75-1 inch is the standard size, whereas 1-1.25 inches offers a more stylish appeal.

The width of your ID card should also be considered when choosing the correct width for your lanyard to ensure it doesn’t slip off easily. It should fit well within the strap, and it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose as well.

Check What Length is Suitable for You

The length of the lanyard is another critical consideration. It should be at a level that keeps your card close to you while allowing easy access. The appropriate length for an ID card strap will vary from person to person, so look for adjustable heights to accommodate different body sizes and preferences.

The Lanyard Should Have a Clear ID Window

Lanyard Should Have a Clear ID Window

If you intend to insert your ID card in the lanyard, it needs a clear plastic window. The window should be located on the side so that your ID does not block the strap when worn around your neck.

However, if you work in an environment where the cards must be pulled out frequently for scanning, choose lanyards with a clear plastic window mounted at the bottom.

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