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How to Create a Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Summer is drawing near, and it’s time to get our outdoor living spaces in lounging condition. 

Your outdoor living space is key to enjoying the summer weather. Outdoor living spaces can be versatile, cozy, and affordable. Contrary to popular opinion, outdoor living spaces can also be constructed on nearly any budget.

All you need is a plan, some DIY skills, and a keen eye for design. 

Outdoor living spaces give us a chance to gather together comfortably with friends and family. They also offer our guests a place to enjoy the shade while the kids swim in the pool. What we can count on as homeowners is that our outdoor spaces will create memories that will last a lifetime. 

So, how do you create a cozy outdoor living space?

Read on to find out 5 steps for creating the outdoor living space of your dreams. 

1. Select an Outdoor Area

First, you’ll need to select an outdoor area to set up your outdoor living space. Determine whether you want shade from trees, a wide open area, or near the pool for your outdoor living space. This choice will be based on how you want to use the area and how much space is available. 

2. Choose Your Design

Next, you’ll want to create the design and layout for your space. Choose a design that is functional and allows for enough space for your guests to freely move about.

The design can also be themed. For example, you can create a beach, Southwest, or modern outdoor living space. When selecting a design, try to match it to the interior design of your home. 

3. Add Furniture

The furniture you select should be resistant to water and long-lasting. You can choose to have individual seating or opt for group seating such as a sectional. Make sure the outdoor furniture is also comfortable and high-quality so you can enjoy it for years without needing to replace it. 

4. Include Decor

Many people miss the opportunity to add decor to their outdoor living spaces. But, outdoor decor can truly make your outdoor living space stand out. Consider purchasing an outdoor rug, outdoor pillows, or outdoor lighting. 

You should also consider adding in floral arrangements or potted plants nearby. Outdoor clocks, blankets, and table decor are also great decor choices.

5. Consider Extra Features

If you want to use your outdoor space to the fullest, then consider adding extra features. For example, add a fire pit or a pergola. You might also consider adding a water feature such as a small garden waterfall for added ambiance. 

If you decide to build a structure like a pergola, then consider using a construction loan calculator to determine the true cost. 

Creating an Enjoyable Outdoor Living Space 

Creating an outdoor living space can be a fun and engaging experience. Feel free to include your family in the design process so everyone has a say about what to include.

Remember to design an outdoor space that meets your needs. It’s tempting to follow a pre-made design, but functionality and your individual needs are most important.

Want to create cozy spaces in other areas of your home? Check out our website for more decoration and design guides. 

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