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How to deal with drug cravings?

In America, more than 14,500 substance abuse rehab centers are there. They specialize in behavioral therapy, counseling, medication, and others. The studies show that addiction is treatable, but it involves the risk of relapse as much as other diseases, such as asthma and hypertension. Nearly 40 to 60% of people tend to fall back on the habit. But it doesn’t mean there is no hope for recovery. Almost 10% of adults aged a minimum of 18 years said they are recovering. The thing is that even after you recognize there is a challenge and opt for a treatment; you can still go through the same problems that dragged you into addiction. 

Reasons for addiction 

There can be various reasons that may have compelled you into this situation, such as unpleasant arguments, parties with friends, physical pain, and so forth. Hence, although you become sober, those emotions or situations can resurface. In that case, you need to solve those central issues. While doing it, you can feel angry, frustrated, anxious, hopeless, and embarrassed. All this is pretty normal. You have to learn to address them when they arise to ensure recovery.

When you start managing those feelings, it will not appear to be overpowering or intimidating. You can receive full support and guidance at The Holistic Sanctuary or other such credible residential rehab centers. Other than that, you can also make a few efforts from your end. For example, imagine what you should do when you feel stressed out.  

Tips for coping up with drug cravings

  • Go for yoga, meditation, or a brisk walk to regain balance and clam yourself.
  • Go out and breathe in some fresh air while soaking up the adorable surrounding views.
  • Smell the flowers or the air around you that evokes a sense of vacation.
  • Shut your eyes and visualize what you enjoyed doing the most. It could be a beautiful childhood memory or the time spent with family or friends.
  • Get some massage or dip your body in soothing warm water to feel light from inside.

There can be many things that you can attempt. Your body and mind can respond better to some options. So, understand what it is that refreshes your energy and mood. 

It happens that even after you attain sobriety, your brain creates intense cravings due to being impacted massively. Hence, you have to be careful about the triggers that cause such urges and address them. For that, you may need to practice some precautionary measures. For example,

  • Avoid the company of those people who are into drugs or alcohol and spend time with them who are your support system.
  • Stay away from environments, such as pubs and clubs, where relapsing is easier.
  • Don’t shy away from talking to your support group when you experience cravings. It will give your pent up emotions a healthy outlet. You can begin to feel better.

Cultivating new habits, spending time amidst nature, and focusing on fitness are a few positive ways to ensure you don’t become a prisoner of your past. These will be easier to follow if you get the right treatment in the first place. Hence, make sure to go to a well-established rehab center.

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