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How to Decide Where to Move: 6 Key Factors to Consider

Over 11% of Americans move home each year. That’s over 36 million Americans who up sticks, load their worldly possessions into a van, and set up shop in a new place.

First, though, they have to decide where they want to relocate. And, with a whole host of variables to take into account, that can be easier said than done.

Know the struggle and want some moving advice to help with the decision? Keep reading for 6 tips on how to decide where to move.

1. Find Somewhere Close to Loved Ones

There are all sorts of benefits to living closer to your loved ones (aside from being able to see them more often, of course!).

Among others, you can see them during the holidays, they can babysit the kids when you’re busy, and you can spend more time with aging parents/grandparents. Close on an emotional level with your family? It’s nice to live in close proximity as well.

2. Make Sure It’s Affordable

The cost of living and real-estate varies considerably in different parts of the country.

Make sure you find somewhere that’s affordable! The last thing you want is to be saddled with a hefty mortgage and higher expenses than you’re used to. If your income stays the same, then you could soon start to feel the pinch.

3. Consider the Tax

Tax should factor in here as well. Because tax burdens vary between states too, you could end up losing far more of your salary each month in one place over another.

Maximize your pay packet by opting for a state (such as Florida, or Tennessee) that offers attractive tax breaks.

4. Think About Job Opportunities

What’s are the employment prospects like in the surrounding area?

If there’s no chance of getting a job in your industry (and you’re unwilling to change roles or take a pay cut), it might not be the best place to move.

5. Look to the Future

The place you want to live might seem perfect now.

But a lack of schools might make it unsuitable for kids and a housing bubble could see real-estate values fall exponentially in due course. That’s why it’s so important to take the future into account when deciding where to live!

Make sure it’ll be as viable down the line as it is now.

6. Think About the Moving Process

The practical implications of moving house shouldn’t dictate your decision. But they’re still worth thinking about!

For instance, the further afield you go, the more expensive and time-consuming the process can prove. Even the best moving company you can find will charge more if you’re moving a long way away. Moreover, staying closer to your current residence means you’ll already know the neighborhood, still be able to see your current friends, and so on.

How to Decide Where to Move

Moving home is commonplace in America. But that doesn’t make it straightforward.

Even the initial decision to relocate can require serious consideration. Of all the things to think about, deciding where to move is one of the most pressing.

Hopefully, these tips on how to decide where to move will help in that regard. Read more articles like this by searching ‘moving house’ on our website now!

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