Are you ready to downsize your closet?

It can be a seemingly impossible task. How do you downsize your closet when you have too much clothing? It may be time for an intervention with your favorite clothing brands.

Decluttering your closet can not only give you a nice, open space, but it can declutter your life as well. You won’t find yourself feeling not significant or unworthy. You will notice your life becoming less cluttered in many ways.

Here is how to downsize your closet.

Filter Out Clothes by Season

Closet Renovation

Filtering clothes by season will help you keep clothing items that you currently need. Take out seasonally appropriate clothes. It is helpful to sort through all items and categorize them into a pile by season. For example, during the winter, pull out clothing styles that keep you warm, like winter coats, parkas, trousers, sweaters, and scarves.

Additionally, take out off-season clothes and store them in other areas of the house. Doing so will reduce the amount of clutter in your closet and help create a sense of harmony within the space.

Keep Only Those Items That Fit You

Take a good look at what is inside and keep only those items that fit you. Properly downsize your closet by getting rid of clothes that are too tight or too big. If you find yourself hanging onto clothes for sentimental reasons, consider donating or repurposing them. Keep only those items that you can wear comfortably and look good in.

Try on every item and decide if it’s something you need to hold onto. Taking the time to downsize your closet will make it easier to choose outfits and save time during the morning routine.

Roomier Closet

Establish a Roomier Closet

Get rid of items you haven’t used for 6 months or more. This decluttering strategy prevents the unnecessary accumulation of things you may never use or wear. Start by separating items you’ve used within the last six months from those you haven’t. Donate or sell the items you haven’t used to free up both physical and mental space.

For senior living, for example, living simply is a great way to downsize one’s closet and embrace minimalism. Be intentional and thoughtful when creating a wardrobe of only essential items. Moving services for seniors can help customize moving plans, allowing them to save space and bring peace of mind.

Use Storage Solutions for Handy Items

Consider storing them in under-the-bed bins or on shelves when you need them. Take advantage of storage solutions like hanging closet organizers, vacuum storage bags, and laundry hampers to make it easy to clean and store your non-essentials.


Create a folding system to maximize the space in your closet and make sure all your items are neatly stored.

Apply These Tips on How to Downsize Your Closet

Living simply means recognizing the value of experiences over things. By downsizing your closet, you will find more satisfaction in the essential pieces you keep and enjoy them longer. The saved space will become a reminder that life is about more than collecting possessions.

Getting rid of clothes you no longer use is the first step. Start downsizing your closet today by following these steps on how to downsize your closet and gain a sense of peace that can be yours with a simpler lifestyle.

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