Canada is a beautiful place to visit in the winter. It is a snowy wonderland with many events planned for locals and tourists alike to get through the long, cold winter.

As a tourist, it can be tricky to drive, however. If you’re from someplace warm and there to see some snow, then you probably are nervous about getting behind the wheel.

Though it can be tricky, driving in the snow and ice is not as hard as you think. With the right mindset and some tips and tricks, it can be a lot of fun.

In this article, I will give you some ways to stay safe when you are driving in Canada in the winter. Since you are the cautious type that even takes precautions on driving and parking at the airport when you left, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Watch out on snowy hills

Hopefully you are driving in a flat area and don’t have to deal with hills. If you are renting your car from Montreal, then at least you won’t be dealing with many hills.

If you do find yourself driving up a hill in the snow, then there are two things to keep in mind. Don’t try to give it lots of gas as you start going up. You’ll start spinning your tires and end up losing control of the car. Try to gain speed before you get to the hill so inertia can help you go all the way up.

The second key is to never stop on a snowy hill. If you stop, then chances are that you won’t get started again. If you are stuck in traffic, then it is unavoidable. If you see traffic stopped before you reach the hill then don’t go any further. If you find any evidence of water damage in your property contact with a water damage restoration specialist ASAP to find out your amount of damage and the cost of repair.

Keep distance between other vehicles

You may not be aware how far you need to be between cars to safely brake. You’ll ten times more distance to come to a stop when braking than normal.

Always keep several car lengths between you and the car ahead of you. This is especially true if you are behind a snow plow or other kind of trucks that probably can’t see you behind them.

Keep your tank full

You may find yourself stuck in a snowstorm and in a traffic jam that isn’t moving. If you are low on gas then you could find yourself in trouble.

You’ll also use more gas than you’re used to so you’ll need more fuel than you think. Even relatively short distances may use a lot more fuel than you realize so make sure you always have at least a half a tank. Don’t wait for it to get close to empty before refilling. 

Pump the brakes

Never slam your brakes and lock them when you enter a slide. You should tape the brakes so you don’t lose control of the car. When you slide your tires can’t gain any traction.

The tires need to be turning for them to regain traction. And turn into the slide if you start drifting. That means that if the rear of the car is going right then turn the wheel to the right, as well.

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