Do you have a broken down car or, worse, broken down cars sitting out in your driveway right now? If you do, they aren’t doing you very much good out there!

An old car could actually be doing way more harm than you might realize. It can leak oil and other fluids that can do damage to the soil surrounding your home.

So, what should you do to stop this from happening? Well, you might be able to take used cars and turn them into cash even if they aren’t in the best shape.

Today, we’re going to walk you through several of the ways in which you can transform a broken down car into cash in no time at all.

Continue reading to find out how to earn money from broken down cars.

Sell Broken Down Cars As-Is to Private Buyers

Sell Broken Cars

The broken down cars that you own might not have any value to you anymore. But that doesn’t mean that someone else out there won’t pay a pretty penny for them!

There might be someone who used to own one of the broken down cars that you have that will be willing to buy it from you. There might also be someone who would be interested in purchasing broken down cars from you so that they can use car parts from it to fix up their own old car.

Whatever the case, you shouldn’t be shy about slapping a “For Sale” sign on a broken down car. You might be surprised to see how much interest it gets.

Find Companies That Will Pay Cash for Broken Down Cars

Don’t feel like sitting around and waiting for people to call you after you put a “For Sale” sign on a broken down car? You also have the option of working with one of the many companies that will pay cash for junk cars.

When you have a car for sale that just won’t seem to sell, you’re always free to contact a company like this. They’ll often make you an offer for your old car on the spot and give you an opportunity to either accept or reject it.

See one great example of a company that buys junk cars for cash to find out more about how it works.

Collect Cash From Scrapyards for Broken Down Cars

If you’ve ever driven by a scrapyard or junkyard before, you’ve likely spotted rows and rows of broken down cars in it. Have you ever wondered how they all get there?

More often than not, that scrapyard or junkyard willingly paid for all of those broken down cars. And they would likely be open to buying an old car from you, too.

You can either have a broken down car towed down to a scrapyard to see what you could get for it or arrange for them to send someone out to your home to make you an offer. It’s another simple way to sell junk cars for cash.

Remove Parts

Remove Parts From Broken Down Cars and Sell Them Individually

You might be under the impression that a broken down car is filled with nothing but faulty car parts. But in reality, there are almost always at least a few useable parts in a broken down vehicle.

If you know your way around a car, you might want to try to remove as many of these parts as you can and sell them individually. Some of them could potentially be worth hundreds of dollars to the right buyers.

Trade Broken Down Cars In for Credit Towards a New Car

Car dealerships aren’t having too much trouble selling cars at the moment. There is a huge demand for both new and used cars.

But when this demand falls, many dealerships will do just about anything to get people through their front doors. That includes offering to buy broken down cars from them in exchange for credit towards a new car.

You might want to call around to the car dealerships in your area to see which ones would be willing to allow you to trade in broken down cars. You might be able to earn yourself a nice discount on a new car by bringing one or more broken down cars into the right dealership.

When all else fails, you can always go ahead and donate broken down cars to charitable organizations. There are so many organizations that will pick up broken down cars from you without a problem.

These organizations aren’t going to give you cash for these broken down cars. But they will put you in a position to claim certain tax credits that will save you money over the long run.

Donate Broken Down Cars

You should typically try to go through all the other options listed here before getting rid of broken down cars in this way. But it’ll be nice to have this option if you need to use it.

Try Turning Broken Down Cars Into Cash Today

The broken down cars that are taking up space in your driveway at the moment might not look like much. But they could end up earning you more money than you may have anticipated.

You can sell broken down cars to private buyers, junk car buyers, or even scrapyards without any issues. It’ll put some much-needed money directly into your pocket while also clearing out some space in your driveway.

Want to get your hands on some more tips that will help you sell an old car? Look for them in our other blog articles.

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