Around 85% of Americans suffer from low self-esteem, which means we must find ways to feel confident even when we don’t feel like it.

Having self-confidence improves your daily life and helps you feel comfortable in your skin. But this is easier said than done so it’s important to make minor tweaks to improve your quality of life. Perhaps you’re currently struggling with your self-image and you’re looking for guidance on the matter.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to feel sexy all the time.

Focus on What Makes You Feel Good

Feel Good

If you’re not sure how to feel sexy again, figure out what makes you confident. It could be wearing a flowy dress or sky-high heels that give you a boost. You should also enjoy activities where you feel emboldened, whether it’s going dancing with friends or completing a challenging hike.

Further, focus on your self-care routine by taking a bubble bath or throwing on a face mask after a busy week. This will let you unwind and feel great about yourself.

Move Your Body

Not sure how to feel sexier? Then, carve time for exercise.

Physical activity helps your body release feel-good hormones like endorphins, which can also make you feel more confident. And instead of focusing on how your physique changes, use it as a reminder of how capable your body is and what it can do.

Another way to develop a healthy relationship with your exterior is by complimenting three aspects of yourself every day until it becomes second nature.

Gratitude Journal

Start a Gratitude Journal

Another tip for self-empowerment is starting a gratitude journal. Get in the habit of listing all the positive parts of your life and why you appreciate them. It needn’t always be major moments, it can be the essentials like a delicious meal or having shelter.

Wear Sexy Clothes

Anyone who is not sure how to feel pretty should harness the power of style. Wear clothes that you feel good in, even if you’re just staying in your home. If no items come to mind, go around the thrift stores or swap outfits with friends over the weekend for a change.

Wear Sexy Clothes

Listen to the Right Music

If you’re still not sure how to feel sexier, put on tunes that make you feel confident. This is because music taps into your pure essence and can instantly lift your mood. Take time to curate a Spotify playlist with feel-good anthems and dance the night away.

And on days when it’s difficult to find the confidence, learn how to boost your self worth here.

Learn How to Feel Sexy Today

Hopefully, you now know how to feel sexy.

There are multiple ways to improve your confidence such as starting a gratitude journal and enjoying activities that make you feel good. You can also boost your self-image by wearing new clothes and listening to music that gets you moving. Good luck with your venture!

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