How to File a Disability Claim

Your disability insurance provides coverage for injuries and illnesses outside your work environment. You can apply for short-term or long-term insurance plans.

The short-term insurance plan has benefits on a per-disability basis and lasts between 6 to 12 months. You’ll enjoy benefits with long-term disability insurance coverage after some time or when other benefits end.

Even after buying your insurance plan, you’ll need to understand how to file a disability insurance claim.

Have you had a hard time filing a disability claim before? Here are some easy steps on how to file a disability claim.

Get Your Paperwork Ready

You can file a disability claim through your employer or the Social Security Administration. It would help consult with your employer’s disability insurance plan.

That way, you’ll know if you qualify for either long-term or short-term benefits.

The majority of the employer’s disability insurance covers will need you to file a Social Security Disability Insurance, SSDI. Employers opt for this method to receive some credit and pay reduced costs.

Your paperwork should incorporate the information on your injuries and illness. You might have to take a consultative exam to determine why you’re unable to work while injured.

You’ll accompany your documents with a statement from your doctor expounding on your injury or illness. Your doctor will also explain your inability to continue working and a plan of action for your condition.

Contact Your Injury Lawyer

It’s advisable to hire a long-term disability lawyer if you have a disability. If you’re stuck in the process of applying for disability benefits, your lawyer will help you find a way out.

Disability lawyers use their legal expertise to guide you through the application process. Your attorney also ensures that all documentation is correct and submitted.

Hiring an injury lawyer can also help you with appeals if your claim gets denied. You’ll also get full legal representation in a court of law if a lawsuit necessitates.

Appealing a Denied Disability Claim

Some insurance companies mind about the business side so much and forget to prioritize the needs of policyholders. As a result, your disability claim might get denied for one reason or another.

Unfortunately, sometimes these reasons aren’t genuine.

Call your lawyer first. The attorney may help you respond to the objections from the insurer. Besides, you’ll get help in assembling all additional information where applicable.

If all your efforts prove futile, your lawyer will guide you accordingly. You may resolve to send a demand letter to the insurance company for your benefits. Alternatively, you can also sue the company.

How to File a Disability Claim Made Easier

Filing a disability claim is easy when you’ve your lawyer involved. Unfortunately, you’ll find many injury lawyers at your disposal. So, it becomes confusing to know the right one to choose.

You should seek referrals from friends and family when hiring your disability lawyer. It would be best to consider the level of experience your lawyer has in dealing with disability claims.

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