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How to Find Cute Clothes for Girls That Won’t Break the Bank

Trends come and go and kids grow up fast. Cycling through a little girl’s wardrobe can burn a serious hole in your wallet.

You don’t have to cave in to the most expensive stores. Just recreate your little girl’s favorite looks for less.

Discover the secret to buying cute clothes for girls on a budget, right now!

Hand-Me-Downs Done Right

Does the thought of hand-me-downs produce cringe-worthy flashbacks from your childhood?

Your mother’s missteps don’t have to be your daughter’s reality. Instead of handing down your nephew’s kindergarten wardrobe from 1979, consider the following first:

  • Adorable vintage pea coats from the ’60s
  • Southern pillowcase dresses
  • Buffalo plaid coats and dresses
  • Mary Jane shoes with socks
  • Vintage OshKosh B’gosh overalls

Vintage looks are everywhere in the girl and junior departments at major retailers. Check with your family members first to see if they have any trending fashions, before going on a (clearance rack) shopping spree.

Here’s another way to score vintage looks for less:

Garage and Estate Sales

Garage and estate sales are goldmines for cute clothes for girls.

This is another way to find charming vintage looks. You can score contemporary outfits as well, but it’s definitely a needle in a haystack.

Homeowners are more willing to negotiate prices at these sales. Prices are especially low at the end of the day, or even free!

Thrift Stores

Your next option is thrift stores. It’s much easier to find contemporary fashions for girls at these stores. They also carry lots of vintage clothes as well.

Look for any Goodwill stores or Salvation Army stores in your area. These are great places to start and prices are low.

If you want to spend a little more, go for a thrifty boutique. A quick Google search will reveal the closest ones in your area.

Online thrift stores are exploding in popularity too. Check out these favorites to find cute clothes for girls:


Poshmark is a popular online marketplace for second-hand clothing. Especially, for little kids. There are thousands of brands in excellent condition, from Gymboree to Burberry.

Prices are determined by the seller. So you can find cute clothes for girls for as low as $5 (or even less!)

You can even sign up as a seller yourself and swap for new clothes. This is a great way to freshen up your little girl’s wardrobe.


Good ole’ eBay. You can always depend on eBay being there (and a great deal).

This is arguably the best online thrift store to buy little girls’ clothes. You can find shirts, pants, dresses, jackets, and more for as low as $1.99. You can also bid on items starting at $0.99.

Find all your favorite brands including The Gap, Justice, and Matilda Jane. There’s also a huge inventory of accessories, toys, games, and books for little girls.

Think of eBay as your one-stop birthday shop.

Online Consignment Stores for Kids

Small online consignment boutiques are popping up all over the web too. Here are a few top-rated favorites, courtesy of Red Tri:

  • Swoondle Society
  • Berri Kids Boutique
  • Kid to Kid
  • Baby Outfitter
  • Sweet Pea & Teddy

Also featured is KIDSTrade. This is a kid-to-kid marketplace that lets your daughter trade items with other kids. Let her get in on the fun too!

Ross Dress For Less

Second-hand isn’t the only way to score little girl fashions for less. You can always find discount clothes for girls at Ross Dress For Less.

Just don’t go on a Sunday! There’s a reason why lines wrap around through the racks at Ross.

You can find name brand fashions for as low as $4.99 or less. Buy dresses for $12.99 and jackets for $15.99. You could easily buy an entire outfit for your daughter for under $20.

Look out for Ross coupons to save even more. This is a must during the holidays.

Don’t forget to check out these other discount stores to find cute clothes for girls:

  • Marshall’s
  • Walmart
  • Amazon

Parents love Old Navy, Target, and Nordstrom Rack too. Macy’s and Kohl’s are also known for hidden surprises on their clearance racks.

Free Samples and Giveaways

The only thing better than a great deal is free stuff!

Mom vloggers are notorious for giveaways, for starters. Kids brands frequently reach out to popular YouTubers to promote their products.

Enter a chance to win your favorite brands by simply engaging with your favorite mommy bloggers. If you’re an aspiring mommy vlogger yourself, this is a great way to get free cute clothes for girls.

Another way to score free clothes is to trade in your old ones on Thredup. This company gives you credit for your old clothes, so you can trade them in for fashions you want.

Look for companies with referral programs too. TrySpree aggregates a list of companies that give away free clothes in exchange for referrals.

You can also get free gifts with purchase. Kidpik will send you a free gift with every curated box of girls clothes you buy. You can also score free gifts with purchase at Target and Buy Buy Baby.

How to Make Cute Clothes for Girls Last

One of the best ways to keep your little one fashionable on a budget is to make her clothes last.

The first rule is to invest in high-quality clothes from the start. Look for quality brands when shopping at your favorite discount stores. And always look for used clothes in excellent condition.

Don’t over wash your clothes on rough washing cycles. Cut down on the amount of detergent you use too. This can minimize wear and tear and preserve the color of your daughter’s clothes.

Store her seasonal clothes in a cool, dry place to avoid molding. The same goes for any clothes hanging in her closet. Remember, health first!

Don’t hang her sweaters, though. Fold those to avoid stretching the material.

Fashion Forward

The only thing you’re missing is a brand new wardrobe for your little princess.

Remember these tips as you shop for back-to-school accessories, holiday outfits, and more cute clothes for girls.

Craving more life hacks? We’re just getting started. Get inspired with the latest tips on fashion, family, and health, right here.

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