Learning how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size can be a challenge if you’re hoping to keep “the big question” a secret. As good as you think you know them, it’s just hard to tell the ring finger diameter at a glance.

In the following article, we’ll be focusing on some of the clever tactics you can employ to get around this challenge. First, however, it’s important to do a little pre-investigative work.

Before You Ask

Run a search for “how to find out your gf ring size” online, and you’ll see all types of suggestions for how you can do it. Some of the best are included later in this article. Before going that far, though, you’ll need to run a three-step diagnostics check on yourself.

Weigh Your Finances

Instead of first asking how to guess her ring size, you should do a little homework to understand your financial situation. You don’t want a little thing like money to keep you from popping the question, but resource management is important if you’re going to get her the ring she deserves at a price you can afford.

Something else to consider if your finances are an issue is wholesale jewelry options. You can use these options for both engagement rings or cheaper rings to help gauge the size. You also could use a temporary set for the proposal.

Learn Her Tastes

Another thing to consider before you look too deeply into how to find her ring size: what type of ring would she want? Is she the kind that thinks more-is-better or is she a believer in subtlety?

This is a big decision without even considering the costs. If you’re keeping it from her, it becomes even more challenging to navigate when you have no sense of what her tastes are. Knowing her style means you’re halfway to a successful proposal!

Think Beyond the Answer

The last thing we’ll cover before moving on to how to find out her ring size: what happens after she says yes (or no)? Popping the question isn’t an activity you want to do unless you’re sure of the “Yes” factor.

Even then, what will happen following her acceptance? Will you get married right away, move in together, or embark on an engagement period apart? Work out your plan for her beyond that moment to show that you’re in it for more than just a fleeting moment.

Now that you’ve done your homework, it’s time to think about the best possible ways for delivering that question. We’ve come up with seven of our best suggestions. Each one of these can be perfectly executed to preserve the element of surprise!

1. Bring It Up

The most direct path for how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size is to ask her. This approach may not go with your plans, but if you do it in the right way, it doesn’t have to blow your cover either.

Suggestion: be playful about it. Start by bringing up something small like how your hands swell up in the heat or shrink in the cold.

Let her examine your own fingers. Then, ask to see hers. Innocent playfulness, yet wholly effective!

2. Check While She Is Sleeping

A girlfriend who’s a heavy sleeper gives you ample opportunities to figure things out for yourself without her being any the wiser. You might consider tieing a string around her finger, then rolling it off and tracing it on a sheet of paper.

3. Talk to a Girl of the Same Approximate Size

You’ll have to be careful with this one so as not to be perceived as flirtatious by the woman to whom you’re speaking. If you know of a friend or colleague or acquaintance, just consider explaining the situation to them.

“You’re about the same size as my girlfriend,” you say. “I really want to propose to her and for it to be a surprise but I have no clue what her ring size is. Do you mind?”

Deliver it in a non-creepy way. They’ll completely understand, and even if they’re not the same size, they can help you get close enough to score a surprise proposal win!

4. Use the Average

Look up the average ring size online or ask a jeweler for it. From there, do a few calculations in your head. Size up or size down based on how close she comes to the average.

5. Take an Existing Ring from Her Jewelry Box

One of the simplest ways to get around this conundrum without showing your hand is to “steal” a ring that she would normally wear on that finger from her jewelry box. Get it sized professionally. Then, be sure to return it before she has a chance to notice.

6. Tap Into Family Connections

Your girlfriend does not live in a vacuum. She has friends and family. Many of them will know her more intimately than you do.

Make sure you have their blessing first, and that you can trust them to keep a secret. Then, approach them for “the Ask.” They’ll be thrilled to help if they are behind your relationship.

7. Trace Another Ring

Don’t want to risk removing a piece of her jewelry from the house? Take some time to go through her collection when you know she won’t walk in on you.

Find the perfect option. Then, lay it out on a sheet of paper and trace it. Take the marking to your jeweler and voila!

These Tips on How to Find out Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size Will Ensure Success

We hope this guide on how to find out your girlfriend’s ring size gave you some ideas on how to know if you’re ready. We also hope it has taught you how to exploit the element of surprise when you are.

For more relationship advice and related info, check out some of our other posts. Best of luck!