Are you wondering if you have low or too-high testosterone levels? The best way to learn is to have them checked. Many reliable and scientifically approved methods will give you the answers you need.

Ideally, it would be best to be tested for low T regularly. If you do not like annual blood tests, do them as soon as you sense something is off. Most men will probably not go straight to the doctor, even if they start feeling a bit under the weather. If you are not ready to take that step yet, you might want to try doing a self-check for signs of low testosterone first. If you’ve noticed a drop in the sex drive, a shrinkage in the body’s muscle mass, or other symptoms of low T, it’s time to consider your next steps.

How to Test Testosterone Levels

Testosterone Levels

If you are ready to check your testosterone levels, you have three methods to choose from: visiting your doctor, a hormone clinic, and doing a home test. Your choice will depend on your needs and comfort level with the various options.

Take a closer look at all these three methods to learn more about checking your testosterone levels.

Test Your Hormone Levels at Your Primary Care Physician’s Office

We all know it’s recommended to visit your doctor’s office to have an annual check-up, but what you may not have considered is this is also a good time to ask about your testosterone levels. Take your time to ask your doctor about your testosterone test options. Based on your medical history, they will instruct you on the best method for your situation.

Getting your testosterone levels checked by your doctor might be the right choice if you trust your private physician to care for your medical problems. The only serious disadvantage to going to your doctor for this test is that they may not specialize in hormonal testing.

If you choose to visit your doctor for hormone level testing, they will have to contact a lab to analyze your blood after they sample your blood. Afterward, some time will pass before the results get back to you and are read and “translated” to you by your physician.

Test Your Testosterone Levels

Test Your Testosterone Levels at a Hormone Clinic

Another reliable way to check your testosterone levels is to visit a hormone clinic. They specialize in hormone imbalance detection and recommend hormone therapy treatments. They will help you determine whether your testosterone level is adequate as soon as you enter their facility.

The medical professionals who work in hormone clinics are specially trained to identify hormone-based problems. As a result, they may be very quick to find effective remedies for any issue you may deal with.

At a hormone clinic, you will receive your results and the clinic’s recommendations for the course of action that you should take next. They will be available for you and ready to answer your questions. However, like visiting a doctor’s office, they, too, will require an appointment and for you to go there in person.

Test Your Testosterone Levels at Home

At-home testing is one of the most sought-after methods of checking testosterone levels, especially after quarantine and social distancing. This solution is perfect if you aren’t ready to see a healthcare professional yet. Instead, you want to find out your testosterone levels to understand where you stand and whether you must handle a potential problem.

One option is to use a self-testing kit. You will make an appointment and talk with the test providers at your convenience and when you feel comfortable doing so. Then, you can take a sample of your blood and send it to a professional team as instructed. Your doctors will evaluate your sample and give you the results soon.

If you are unsure that you have a steady hand, another option is to have a nurse come to your house to take the blood sample. Again, you will only have to make an appointment for the time and date you will be available and give them your address.

Test Your Testosterone

At-home diagnostics allows you the convenience and privacy the other two options could not give you. You do not have to drive long distances to make your appointment. Instead, you can relax and wait for your results in the comfort of your house and take advantage of your telemed consultation when ready. By testing at home, you can also have the results in just a few minutes.


Testosterone is a vital component of the male body, which you cannot do without. Not having enough T or having too much can have long-reaching effects that can wreak havoc and be detrimental to your future. Knowing your testosterone level is the key to keeping your hormone levels – and your life – in balance.

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