According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in every 4 adults across the United States has some disability.

As many of these adults navigate life with disabilities, getting the advice of a lawyer can prove to be life-changing. But not just any lawyer will do. They will need to hire a competent disability attorney to help resolve their case successfully.

If you are thinking of hiring a disability lawyer, here’s a compact guide to help you know how to pick the right lawyer for your case.

Ask Your Lawyer for Recommendations

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Do you have a lawyer handling your other legal matters? You can ask that lawyer to help you find a trustworthy candidate for a disability lawyer.

You’ll likely get a reliable and experienced recommendation because attorneys are very careful of who they endorse. If things were to go south, both lawyers would generate a bad reputation that’s hard to come back from.

Therefore, your odds of identifying an exceptional attorney well versed in Social Security law here are promising.

Consult Your Local Bar Association

If you don’t have a lawyer to get a recommendation from, you can consult your local Bar Association. Every state and county has a Bar Association, and you can search their website for lawyers with Social Security law expertise.

It’s worth noting that the lawyers you’ll find are members of the Bar. There’s no recommendation based on personal experience, and you’ll need to do some more research.

Ask Friends and Family

Your friends and family may have interacted with a disability lawyer without your knowledge. Thus, it’s always useful to make inquiries and find out if they have a recommendation.

Even if they have never dealt with a disability lawyer, they might know someone within their circles who is experienced in hiring a disability attorney.

Ask Others Who Have Dealt With the Disability Process

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Often, those dealing with disability interact with others who are also dealing with a disability. Whether it’s at the rehabilitation center, hospital, or another place of service, you likely know a few such people.

Take the initiative to find out their experience in dealing with disability lawyers. They may have a great recommendation. Even if they don’t, you’ll learn a lot about what to expect when dealing with disability lawyers.

Things to Look for When Hiring a Disability Attorney

Short of receiving a direct recommendation that instantly works out, you’ll likely need to check out several lawyers. As you figure out your options, there are a few things you need to assess to identify the best candidate for the job.

Some of the issues you need to be on the lookout for include the following:

1. Determine If You Feel Comfortable Around the Attorney

As with any other type of legal professional you hire, you need to feel comfortable around the lawyer you’re working with. Handling a disability case is incredibly up close and personal. If you are uncomfortable with your attorney, it will affect the case.

For example, you need to be comfortable enough to communicate honestly and openly about personal issues relating to the case with the lawyer. If you struggle to do so, you will likely withhold information vital to the case.

Your disability lawyer needs to make you feel you are not under any judgment. You also need to feel your lawyer hears and understands you. If you have any reservations on these points, it’s worth looking for another option.

2. Inspect the Lawyer’s Experience

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Disability law is a specialty. As such, it’s not every lawyer that can handle your case. Before signing on the dotted line, you need to be sure the attorney’s experience is relevant or your situation.

Ask the lawyer you want to work with for evidence of disability cases they have handled in the past. Ideally, you should ask for more than three cases. By doing so, you’ll see the varied contexts in which the lawyer has handled cases.

But it does not stop there. You also need to determine if the lawyer you plan to hire has handled disability cases similar to yours. If they have only assisted clients with a different size and scope of your case, that may be problematic for you.

3. You Need a Local Lawyer

Many disability lawyer ads you’ll run into are for out-of-state attorneys. While you may be tempted to hire them, you would be at a disadvantage.

That’s because a local attorney knows the judges at the local Social Security hearings offices. Aside from that, they would also know the local practices in handling disability cases.

When preparing your case, a local lawyer would have extra insight into how to drive your case due to the dynamics surrounding your local area’s context. That can give you an edge and increase your odds of success.

4. Find Out Who Will Handle Your Case

When you approach a lawyer working in a firm with several attorneys, you may have someone different handling your case. You should never assume that whoever you talk to during the consultation will be the one processing your case.

Make sure you find out who would be assigned to your disability case if you were to hire the attorney. You would then have the chance to assess their qualifications and experience, and determine if you can work with them before signing any contract.

5. Get an Estimate on the Case Turnaround Time

No lawyer knows for sure how long it can take to resolve your case. With that said, an experienced disability lawyer will have an idea of how long your case can take to resolve.

You’ll then be in a better position to plan for the best and worst-case scenario.

Hire the Right Attorney to Help With Your Case

A significant portion of American adults live with a disability. Inevitably, some will need legal assistance to navigate their case. Ensure you know the right ways to hire a disability attorney and, more so, what to look for in a reputable lawyer so you can get the best service.

If you live with a disability, you need proper representation to take care of your needs. Our website offers information to help you better know how to seek the justice you deserve. Check out more of our content today to learn how to hire a lawyer who will look out for your interests.

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