There are over 23.8 billion people working in a managerial position in the United States. You can imagine the range of small and large tasks that fall on their to-do list.

If you’re a manager, you’ve probably felt the ache of having to create a schedule. You have to accommodate your employees and follow your orders. That’s why it’s time to incorporate an employee scheduling app to make your job easier.

Using a mobile workforce scheduling software connects you directly to your employees. Keep worker availability, time-off requests, and time logs in one place. This tool creates a centralized workforce and increases productivity.

When there is a clear work schedule, everyone wins. Your boss, your workers, and you. The mess of a disorganized schedule can’t affect your business. Say goodbye to peak hours and lack of workers.

There are plenty of options but the best scheduling apps have these 7 features below.

1. Automated Scheduling

Automated scheduling takes employees preferred hours and qualifications into consideration. This feature is a great way to draft a solid schedule.

You don’t want to overwork your employees. If necessary you can adjust as necessary even after the final is sent out.

2. Mobile Access

This feature reduces any confusion about the schedule. Once you finalize the schedule they will have immediate access to check out their shifts.

3. Shift Swapping

Your employees are humans. Sometimes they get sick, they need a personal day, or can’t make it to work. Shift swapping encourages your employees to be accountable.

Instead of worrying about last minute no-shows, shift the focus to your team. This feature allows your team to locate a cover when they aren’t able to make their shift.

4. Time Clock

Beyond just employee scheduling, you want an app capable of serving as a time lock. Employees can clock in and out on their phones within seconds. This feature catalogs everyone’s hours and keeps the data in one electronic space.

Some apps only allow the user to clock in within a certain amount of distance from the establishment. This ensures people are actually at work when they are using the time clock feature.

5. Messaging

Embrace an open communication environment with the messaging feature. There are many instant messaging platforms but not all serve a professional purpose. Messaging creates a clear network of communication within your professional network.

Any issues about scheduling can be quickly and effortlessly dealt with. When emergency issues or training questions come up, this feature is especially useful.

6. Payroll Management

Beyond simply logging employee hours, the best app includes a payroll management feature. The work week of every employee can be organized and sorted.

This feature export hourly information so you can better calculate wages. Some apps let you view labor costs and estimates for future pay periods.

7. Analytics

This features tracks attendance and timeliness of each employee. Skip the manual process of checking the clock in times. Using analytics is a good way to stay informed and reach out to employees when they are excessively late.

Employee Scheduling App Review

Your team relies on you to create an organized space and expectations. Don’t compromise on areas where you can increase productivity.

When you invest in an employee scheduling app you save money and time. You can create a less stressful work environment. Make a good schedule and experience higher levels of satisfaction among coworkers.
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