So you’ve decided to join the 64 million Americans that have recently tried CBD oil. You’re ready to buy CBD but where do you start?

The most important yet difficult part about utilizing the benefits of CBD is finding the right dosage. 

Before you go splurging on huge amounts of CBD or giving up completely when you don’t get results, you should read about CBD dosage. 

What is CBD?

If you don’t know already, CBD (cannabidiol) is one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. 

The substance interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the brain to promote homeostasis within the body. This means that it releases chemicals naturally like serotonin to relieve symptoms like insomnia, pain, anxiety, and depression.

Unlike THC found in most recreational cannabis, CBD does not produce a psychoactive effect and is legal throughout the U.S.

Finding the Right CBD Dosage

The important factor in determining CBD oil dosage amounts is that it is different for everyone. You will want to use a dosage calculator to find the exact starting amount. You can then increase the dose to achieve optimum results. 

Calculators use your weight or body type, your tolerance (based on prior usage), and your level of pain or other symptoms. 

Using too little of CBD dosage for pain will have you discouraged as it will produce too mild effects. However, if you use too much at once, it can cause adverse reactions like nausea or headaches.

CBD also takes several weeks to take effect, so that is why it is important to use a calculator. You will not know how much to start with unless you do the math and monitor your reactions. You can then adjust your intake accordingly.

CBD Concentration

The CBD dose will also depend on the concentration of the product you buy. Most items are measured in milligrams (mg). A serving size ranges from 12 mg to up to 50 mg.

You will need to read the instructions for each product to determine the serving size and how much to take per your dosage calculation.

Types of CBD

CBD comes in many forms such as tinctures, oils, lotions, gummies, and capsules. Your ailment may determine how to take CBD oil. 

Some forms, like edibles, take longer to enter the bloodstream. So, if you use it for pain then you want to consider how long it will take to be effective. 

Can You Overdose on CBD?

CBD is a natural non-toxic substance that has minimal and uncommon side effects. It is also considered to be much less addictive than other medications and illegal drugs like opioids.  

Taking more than the recommended CBD oil dosage for anxiety, for example, may increase the symptoms but it will not cause permanent harm. 

Studies are still being conducted to determine the safety of CBD, so it has yet to be approved by the FDA. In the meantime, be sure to purchase CBD from organic and reputable sources.

Try CBD for Your Health

Finding the right CBD dosage is the first step in improving your health. When you begin a CBD regimen the benefits can jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

Find more ways to track your wellness by viewing the health section of our blog.

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