The United States is suffering from addiction. More American lives have been lost to the opioid crisis, for example, than the Vietnam War.

Last year, roughly 70,000 people lost their lives due to opioid addiction. This was a 10 percent increase from the year prior. Many more struggle with other forms of addiction such as alcoholism.

Many addicts wonder if they have hit rock bottom. If you are asking yourself this question, it is time to seek professional help. Read on to learn how to get help with addiction.

Legal issues are one of the most obvious signs that you have hit rock bottom. There are many drug-related charges that can be filed at the federal and state level.

There are a few different examples of legal issues related to addiction. Driving under the influence or distributing illegal drugs are examples of criminal behavior.

While the severity level ranges, even a misdemeanor drug charge means you have hit rock bottom. This is because your professional career and future are in jeopardy with a criminal record.

Career Problems

Another sign that you have hit rock bottom is work-related issues. For instance, perhaps you were fired from your job for breaking the company’s drug or alcohol policy.

Performance-related issues are another sign that you are spiraling out of control. Before the addiction took root, you were an outstanding employee with an impeccable record. However, addiction is causing you to be late for work or miss important deadlines.

If your supervisor has inquired about your health, it is time to start worrying. Your employer may have resources dedicated to rehabilitation instead of implementing disciplinary action. These rehab centers utilize advanced treatment techniques to combat your addiction.

Financial Issues

Is your bank account always negative or near zero? Are you struggling to pay the rent or meet other financial obligations?

There is a good chance that addiction is the root cause. Addictions are expensive as you are constantly spending money to meet your body’s growing needs.

Falling behind on payments is one sign that you are in trouble. Also, defaulting on a loan or filing bankruptcy are indicators that you hit rock bottom.

Family Intervention

Those that suffer from addiction are likely to see a family intervention. The scale of the intervention can range from a parental discussion or a family-wide confrontation.

If your family thinks your addiction is serious enough for an intervention, it is time to seek out professional help. Confronting addiction is extremely difficult for family members.

If they develop the courage to band together and intervene, your addiction issues are legitimate. They may pool together money to enroll you at a luxury drug rehab center.

Seeking Help With Addiction – Wrapping It Up

The best way to treat addiction is to seek professional help. There are signs that addiction is affecting your quality of life.

Performance issues at your job or defaulting on a loan are two examples of trouble. If friends and family notice your addiction and believe it to be problematic, they are probably right.

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