Pregnancy is a wild ride. From unknown pains to strange feelings inside your womb, there’s no doubt pregnancy is confusing. Knowing how to have a healthy pregnancy, however, doesn’t have to be a mystery.

From what food to stay away from to the difference between a cramp and a contraction, pregnancy can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help feel your best. We’ve rounded up some healthy pregnancy tips for every trimester.

How Do I Know if My Pregnancy Is Healthy? Keeping up With Pre-Natal Appointments

As an expecting mother, it’s critical to keep up with your prenatal visits. Your doctor can help you understand the impact of oxygen levels, amniotic fluid, your baby’s growth, and more. Without these visits, you may miss important milestones or warning signs.

Make sure to visit your doctor as often as they recommend. This will usually be once a month in the first two trimesters and more often as you near your due date.

Eating Well and Enjoying Healthy Snacks During Pregnancy

Eating well is one of the best things you can do during your pregnancy. Your little one needs the right nutrients to grow. Make sure you’re eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Drink plenty of water and skip the sugary snacks. When a pregnancy craving hits, it’s OK to treat yourself as long as you’re also eating, fresh, whole foods. Cravings are one of the perks of pregnancy after all.

When you need a healthy snack, choose fruit, nuts, or a fresh, homemade smoothie. It’s also OK to drink coffee and tea in moderation. Never consume alcohol while pregnant.

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy While Staying Active

Staying active is one of the keys to a healthy pregnancy. If you worked out before you became pregnant, you can continue to do so if your doctor allows. If you weren’t on a regular workout routine, you can still stay active during pregnancy.

Consider taking walks, stretching, or practicing prenatal yoga. Swimming and light jogs can also feel great. Any activity you can do will keep you in better shape for labor and delivery.

Make Personal Care a Priority

Self-care often gets missed by new mothers. Once your baby is here it’s easy to get wrapped up in feedings, night waking, and diapers. Make sure to get plenty of rest before your baby arrives.

Take time for yourself when you can. Even a long shower can do a body good when you need a little rest and relaxation. The less stress you have, the better you’ll feel mentally and physically during your pregnancy.

How To Stay Healthy During Pregnancy?

A healthy pregnancy is what every mother-to-be strives for. When you’re newly pregnant, there can be a lot of unknowns. From staying active to getting some sleep, these tips will help you feel your best.

With a healthy pregnancy, you’ll be ready to tackle all your adorable newborn has to throw at you. For more health and fitness tips, head to the blog section for great resources and ideas.