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How to Hire a Salesperson: 3 Practical Tips

Are you wondering how to hire a salesperson for your sales team? 

No wonder — with businesses spending over one trillion dollars a year on sales forces, how can you afford to hire the wrong person? Not only that, but you’ve got a lot of candidates. Almost 15% of U.S. jobs are full-time sales positions.

Likely, you don’t have the time or resources to hire a slew of wrong fits before finding the right one.

You need someone dedicated, responsive, and savvy. Those will be the ones that close deals and get you more leads.

So before you begin the interview process, check out this list of practical tips for finding the right person for your team!

1. Conduct a Good Interview 

Finding the right salesperson starts with you.

You must research within your current team and see what area of expertise you need. That way, you can hire someone with the appropriate skills. If you haven’t recruited in a while and you’re using old hiring paperwork, you may attract a lot of people who don’t fit the bill for what you require now.

Once you’re sitting down, be transparent about the job duties and requirements. Let them know what goals you want them to reach as part of your team. If you offer any benefits, let them know in this stage. 

After all, a great salesperson will likely have more than one interview lined up. You want your company to stand out. Keeping your meeting straightforward and honest can also help improve employee retention down the line. 

2. Be Ready to Train and Coach

The source of the statistics we referenced earlier has some more interesting data to reveal.

The average company spends about $2,000 a year in sales training. This is compared to the $10-15k they spend during the hiring process. And yet, studies show that continuous training fosters 50% higher net sales per person.

What does this mean for you?

Once you find a good fit, refine their skills with a great training program. Have each potential candidate take a sales aptitude test before hiring, and consult with them regularly once they join the team.

3. Let Them Sell Themselves

This tip ties in with conducting a good interview.

Don’t ask questions that are too specific by nature. This implies that you expect to hear a specific answer, and they may change their reply to fit that assumption. 

Instead, ask open-ended questions that allow your candidate’s personality to shine through. Give them slight objections here and there and see how they react. A good salesperson doesn’t give up on the first “no.”

Additionally, how does your candidate look? Are they polished and clean?

How do they act? Are they professional and personable?

Trust your instincts and be observant. Let them sell you the ultimate product—themselves.

Now You Know How to Hire a Salesperson That’ll Crush It

After checking out this list, you should be ready to start interviews. 

Remember to have a concise idea of who and what you need before you start.

Knowing how to hire a salesperson is only the beginning. Make sure your ideal candidate can not only perform well but has the potential to stick with your team for the long haul.

Good luck! And if you need any more tips and tricks, feel free to consult our blog for more insight and advice regarding the business world.

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