Every year, there are over 80,000 injuries from motorcycle riders. Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately common, and it’s very important to know what to do if you’re ever part of one.

The first thing you should do is hire an attorney. The sooner you do this, the better — an attorney will be a huge help in explaining your options to you and making sure you get the best possible outcome.

However, you shouldn’t hire just anyone with something as important as this. When planning to hire motorcycle accident attorneys, it’s crucial to do your research.

Here’s everything you should do.

Read Reviews and Ask for Referrals

A Motorcycle Accident

When looking around for an attorney after a motorcycle accident injury, you need to make sure you’re choosing someone who’s good at what they do. This often involves finding out if past clients were happy with their experience.

Many times, it’s easy to start reading online reviews for an attorney online simply by Googling their name. If it’s not, you can ask for the contact details of past clients who are happy to talk to you.

If there are no reviews online (or only bad ones) and your potential attorney is unwilling to provide client references, it’s a red flag.

Ask About Their Experience

If you have someone handling your motorcycle injury, you’ll want to ensure they have years of experience behind them. A new attorney might be great at what they do but the last thing you want is to be part of someone’s learning curve, so it’s usually better not to take that chance.

It’s not just about their general experience though. You should also make sure they’ve handled and won similar cases to yours, as lawyers each have their specialties and this suggests they know how to win your case too. Checking out the success rate is vital!

Think About Their Location

It’s ideal to consider a lawyer who is very close to you and the courts you’ll be going through. Even if you’re meeting virtually most of the time, a lawyer who’s familiar with the local courts and the people in them may have a much better idea about how your case is going to go than someone who came from far away.

You should also ask how long they’ve been in this location for the same reason.

Motorcycle Accident

Consider Their Contact Style

Popular lawyers are often busy. However, if they initially take weeks to get back to you about a consultation, it’s probably not a good idea to hire them as it suggests they’re already busy with their current caseload and might not be able to give you the focus you deserve.

While you should be patient, they should be able to respond to you in a timely manner whenever you need something and they should seem warm and personable (while remaining professional), even if your initial contact with them.

Consider Their Demeanor

As you begin talking to options for attorneys, you also need to consider their demeanor. The attorney is the expert in the law, and they should be able to explain things to you in a way that lets you in on understanding the case from a legal perspective without feeling patronized.

It’s more than that, though.

You should also feel as if you trust this person and can be honest with them. A lawyer needs to know all of the details of a case to get you the best possible outcome, even if there are things you’d rather not share.

If you feel like you can’t open up to them, you need to find someone you can be honest with.

You should also feel comfortable with the rest of the staff if you’re meeting them in the office. Lawyers usually have a team of paralegals and assistants to help them out and they should be just as professional and organized as the attorney themselves.

Ask About Fees

It’s no secret that attorneys can be expensive, and you need to make sure that yours is within your budget before you go ahead and hire them. Ask how they price their services — flat fee, hourly? — and if they have a rough total price you’ll be expected to pay for your case.

5 Key Things You Should Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Although the price is important, you should also make sure you don’t automatically go with the cheapest to save money. The cheapest lawyer may not be as good as the rest and may cost you the case, which can rack up later.

It’s also important to find out if they offer a free consultation or case evaluation. This is ideal because you can meet with the lawyer and make a decision without losing a penny, as well as hear about how they expect the case to go. Free consultations are very common with law firms so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that offers this.

Consider the quote along with everything else about the lawyer and make your decision from there.

Hire Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Wisely

If you’ve gotten into an accident, don’t rush to hire motorcycle accident attorneys without doing your research. Instead, take the time to look into your options and pick the best possible one.

You can do this by reading reviews and asking for client testimonials, taking a good look at their website, asking about the fees, and making sure you feel fully comfortable with the person who will be handling your case and representing you.

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