A consistent brand could boost your revenue by as much as 20%. Though 85% of companies have brand guidelines, only 30% actually use them. Without a consistent brand, consumers might not become familiar with your business.

With help from a branding expert, you can define your brand identity, generate brand awareness, and attract new customers. Not sure how to find a branding agency?

Read on for tips you need for an effective search today!

Outline Your Needs

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Before rushing to interview branding agencies, consider outlining your needs and goals. Choose SMART goals for more clarity.

For example, you might consider:

  • Defining brand guidelines
  • Generating brand awareness
  • Building brand recognition
  • Establishing your credibility in the industry
  • Gaining brand trust
  • Attracting loyal customers

Once you establish your goals, you can determine what branding and marketing services you need.

Review Their Services

Determine what services each branding agency offers.

For example, some brands specialize in brand development for new companies. Perhaps you’re an established business and want to update your existing brand instead.

Maybe you need additional marketing services to build awareness and recognition. SEO, social media, and PPC services can help.

You might need food packaging design services instead.

If the branding expert doesn’t offer services that align with your goals, keep searching. Otherwise, you could waste time and money on ineffective strategies.

Look for Experience

Rebrand your business

Determine how much hands-on experience each expert has with brand development.

For example, how many clients have they helped over time? Determine how many clients they helped in the past year, too.

An experienced agency can leverage that experience to help you make more effective branding decisions.

Determine if the agency also has experience helping clients within your niche. These experts will have a deeper understanding of your clients and needs.

Read Reviews

To learn more about each branding and marketing agency, read online reviews.

Look for an agency that already has a strong presence and online reputation. You can feel more confident hiring an agency other businesses have trusted with their branding in the past.

Check Pricing

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Once you’ve researched a few different agencies, ask each company for an itemized list of the services you need. Compare your options to determine the average cost for those services.

If someone’s pricing is higher or lower than everyone else’s, determine why that is.

Ask each expert if you can see a copy of their contract, too. Make sure there aren’t any hidden fees.

Hire the Best Branding Expert for Your Small Business Today

Don’t waste time vetting every branding agency out there. Instead, use these tips to find a branding expert that can accomplish your goals. Finding the right expert will set your business up for success.

With their help, you can use a unique brand to stand out within your industry.

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