Are you the kind of person who wonders in amazement at “car people”? How they can identify a car down to the smallest detail from nothing more than a casual glance?

What is it that they are seeing that you’re not?

In actual fact, they don’t have a special gift. They are simply familiar with the unspoken language that cars speak through their body, symbols, and numbers.

Well, this article will help you to familiarize yourself with certain key features that will get you on the road to being a “car person” (Excuse the pun)!

What Is a Body Type?

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This is about learning the car’s body language. Every car fits into a particular category of shape and size. First, try to familiarize yourself with the most popular.

Play a game! On your commute, pick a body type (for example, a sedan), and see how many you can spot before you get to your destination. Make sure you are not driving while playing this game, though!

Start with:

  • Sedan
  • Coupe
  • Sports Car
  • Station Wagon
  • Hatchback
  • Convertable
  • SUV
  • Minivan
  • Pickup Truck

Eventually, you’ll begin to notice them without thinking.

What Is a Car Make?

What Is a Car Make

The car’s make refers to the manufacturer’s brand This is usually represented by the logo on the front of the car. Often, the name of the make is accompanied by the logo (like Ford), but many times it isn’t (like Audi).

Instead of trying to mindlessly memorize the logo, get to know the meaning behind its origins. The stories behind them are often unforgettable and seeing them in daily life will likely bring back these strange tales.

What Is a Car Model?

Models are the categories of cars within the brand.

When you hear a car’s name, it tends to consist of two names. For example a Honda Accord. The model of the car is the second name (in this case, Accord).

Usually, the model name is written somewhere on the back of the car, most commonly near the right brake light. Not all brands use words to coin brands. Often, they use a combination of letters and numbers. For example, The Mercedes C-300.

A good challenge would be to try and guess models of cars by their appearance before you can make out the name. This is probably the most challenging exercise for a beginner.

What Is a VIN?

What Is a VIN

Depending on a vehicle’s age or customization, it may be hard to identify a car at a glance – even for a seasoned vet!

When this is the case, we can always refer to the vehicle identification number (VIN). This works like the car’s fingerprint and is usually found on the driver’s side of the dashboard.


  • A represents in which country the vehicle was built.
  • B and C represent who was the manufacturer.
  • D represents The vehicle’s brand, model, size engine, and type of transmission.
  • E represents the vehicle’s security code.
  • F tells you the model year.
  • G identifies the plant in which the car was assembled.
  • H is the car’s unique serial number.

Nowadays, we have tools to decode VINs like, so there is no need to memorize all of this information.

From Novice To Motorhead!

As you can see, learning how to identify a car takes time. But the key is to enjoy it! Cars are fascinating creations, from their engineering down to how they’ve been named.

Take the time to bask in their ingenuity and you will soon find yourself unable to look away. Once again, just make sure you’re not actually driving!

We have plenty more informative articles like this one that can help you grow in appreciation for many hobbies and cultures. Keep browsing our site to find more!