Is your business struggling? Did you think you had a solid strategy for digital marketing but you’re failing to see much growth? No need to worry as there’s still a lot you can do to improve your digital marketing presence, and here are five ways to do it.

5 Effective Ways to Improve your Digital Marketing Presence

Measure the Reach of your Content

Measuring the reach of your content is vital for understanding what type of media is most effective and appreciated by people, including the type of content and messaging involved. Quality content is very important to improve your digital marketing presence.

Things to look at include the amounts of engagements per month categorized by type of engagement, including downloads, likes, and viewings, and the amounts of engagements for each content type, be it video, text, or picture.

Use Social Media and Track your Channels

Can You Grow Your Business Without A Social Media Platform?

Activity in social media can improve your digital marketing presence. You’re likely already using plenty of different social media channels to gain visibility for your company, which is great, but are you utilizing this great asset to its fullest? There are several things to think about here, which include what types of social media are most applicable to you, the content reach, and tracking the progress of your social media profiles.

When you do that, there’s more to look at than likes. How many shares and reposts are you getting from influencers and leads? How much engagement do you get in general? Tools like Google Analytics or inbuilt systems like Facebook Insights are extremely useful to track these things, and this knowledge is crucial to developing a successful marketing strategy.


When you’re doing all those things, make sure you keep a lot of different social media channels going. That being said, don’t limit yourself to social media either. This isn’t the best place to find all target audiences so branch out, as the digital world is large.

You can get your company in some digital news outlets, offer free content in the form of educational videos, documents, blog posts, or podcasts, and build a mailing list and market via newsletters, among other things. Having several different sources of traffic will always be useful for your brand.

Use Search Engine Optimization

How to Choose the Best SEO Expert for Your Company

It won’t matter how much energy you’ve put into your online content if no one will see it. SEO is vital for reaching as many people as possible, and luckily, there are a lot of companies out there that can help you. There are plenty of guides online about where and how to find and hire the best SEO companies so always explore your options before making a rash decision on who to hire.

Seo ranking and page speed are very important to improve your digital marketing presence. These guides will help you figure out what to take into account when you’re looking at SEO companies, such as what services you need and if they offer them, signs they’re a good company and the red flags that they might not be. You can choose one to meet your needs specifically and you will reap the rewards in website traffic and sales.

Focus on Customer Service

Local SEO

It might not look like it’s applicable to a digital marketer, but every single interaction someone has with a company will influence their view of it. Digital experiences involve customer service too.

Be easily available to potential customers, and consider providing them with some personal touches in the form of personalized emails or product recommendations tailored to them. You won’t only win yourself, new customers, you’re also giving them a good reason to come back for more. It’s a win-win!

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