Boiler pricing is usually very high; thus, purchasing and having one installed in your home can cost you an arm and a leg even when you have access to boiler finance. It’s no wonder that every homeowner wants to do everything to ensure that their boiler lives for an extended period without any significant issues.

Some of the actions they undertake are explained below

Purchase a Reliable Boiler

The very first step in ensuring that your new boilers will last you a great deal of time is to purchase reliable units. In that it means that you need to look for reputable companies with a long history of quality products. However, most of these companies might be expensive, which is why you may seek boiler finance from LS1. This service provider will give you flexible payment for boilers to ensure that you get a high-end unit installed in your home.

Besides ensuring the quality of your new LS1 boilers, you need to ascertain that the new unit is suitable for your home needs. This is because a small boiler could experience excessive pressure, which leads to frequent breakdowns and, in turn, a reduced lifespan. You may consult with professionals dealing in LS1 installations to ensure that you get the right size of the boiler installed in your home.

Ensure Proper Maintenance Service

Proper maintenance goes a long way in ensuring that new boilers will have a long healthy life. An annual maintenance service will keep your boiler in check and detect potential issues before they run out of hand. The maintenance service should be performed by a competent Gas Safe Registered Engineer from LS1. Besides, keeping your LS1 boilers running smoothly, proper maintenance will keep its warranty valid, thus allowing you to make a claim when something breaks during the guarantee period.

Install a Magnetic Filter

Typically, your HVAC system comes with a filter on its pipework. Usually, this filter is made of plastic or metal and features a mighty magnet that captures sludge. You may seek the services of professionals specializing in LS1 installations to have the filter installed as close to the boiler as possible. The reason behind taking this action is to grab sludge before it gets into the boiler and its components, where it could cause damage and affect your boiler’s lifespan adversely. The filter can be cleaned during annual service maintenance to ensure it works optimally. Magnetic filter prices are between £100 and £200, which is very cheap compared to the current boiler cost.

Add an Inhibitor into your System

An inhibitor is an anti-corrosive solution that’s added into your central heating system to prevent corrosion and scale build-up. This inhibitor also aids in the reduction of sludge. It works by adding a protective coat over on the pipes and tank surface, which prevents water from eating up the metal over time. As such, inhibitor prevents general wear and tear; thus, it’s able to prong the lifespan of your boiler

Bleed the Radiators

Throughout the year, air can get trapped in your heating system and affecting its performance adversely. In turn, this air may end up in the radiator and put more pressure on the boiler, which may cause damage in the long run. You will know when there is air in the radiator through touching it as it becomes hot at the bottom and cold at the top area. To bleed the unit, you need to purchase a bleeding key from your local stores and fit open the radiator bleeding point. Once you’ve opened the radiator, you will hear the air coming out, don’t close the system until you see the water. If you are not sure how to do this, seek the services of professionals dealing in LS1 heating to handle the job for you.

Always Give the Boiler a Summer Run

It’s imperative to keep your boiler running regularly. While you may be looking forwards to the warm summer months where you don’t need to run the heating system at all, running your boiler once in a while will go a long way in keeping the system healthy. Without being in use for a long time, grit can build up in the boiler’s pump and cause the system to break down in the next use. To prevent this problem, switch on your boiler once or twice a month and let run for a while. Consequently, if it stays unused for too long, have the system flushed by a professional from LS1 heating before rerunning the unit.

Power Flush

After using your boiler for one or two years, it would be in your best interest to schedule a power flush from LS1 professionals. This action involves sending water at a high velocity through the system to dislodge and remove limescale and debris from the boiler and its pipework. Powerflush improves the efficiency of your boiler by allowing it to function like a new unit.

Boiler pricing is usually on the higher end, which is the reason why homeowners pray that their units last for extended periods. They also take necessary actions like scheduling proper maintenance services, adding magnetic filters, performing a power flush, adding inhibitors and bleeding their radiators to prevent potential issues and keep their systems running smoothly. Some also seek flexible payment for boilers to ensure that they purchase a high-end unit since boiler cost from reputable manufacturers is usually higher than regular units.

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