Heat can drain your energy, zap your focus, and even make you ill. Luckily you have quite a few effective and easy-to-implement options for keeping cool when it’s too warm

Here are 10 quick tips for beating the heat on a hot day.

1. Dress for the heat.

Wear cotton, and keep it loose. Don’t weigh yourself down with accessories and tie your hair away from your face and neck. Wear breathable shoes, and if you’re outside, wear a wide-brimmed light-colored hat.

2. Drink water.

Dehydration will ruin your day. Keep your body happy and watered, and any weather will be more tolerable.

3. Don’t use the oven.

Turning on the oven is like turning on a heater. So keep it off. In fact, don’t cook big, heavy meals at all. Your body works harder when processing a steak than a salad. So eat a little less, and eat fresh foods like fruit and vegetables.

4. Take a shower (but not a cold one).

Taking a cool shower will bring you relief, but it will be temporary. Your skin temperature cools, but blood flow decreases, keeping heat inside. Soon after you step out and dry off, you’ll be hot again. So take that shower if a quick relief is what you want, but know that you’ll soon be searching for relief again.

5. Get A/C.

An obvious choice, but if you’ve resisted it in the past, now might be the right time. It’s a long-term solution that gives immediate comfort. Find quality air conditioner installation services, and your overheating days are done. 

6. Keep out the heat.

Turn off the lights. Yes, even a little light bulb puts off a bit of heat. So turn them off when they’re not in use. Close your curtains and blinds. Blocking the sun can cool a room considerably, even when you have A/C running as well. 

7. Stay inside.

Don’t make plans for outside activities when it’s too hot. If you choose to go outside, pick a time early or late in the day when it’s not peak temperature yet. If you must be outside in the heat, stay in the shade.

8. Make use of the freezer. 

For quick relief, put ice packs behind your knees, elbows, groin, neck, and wrists. Or put a wet cloth in the freezer, and after it’s frozen up a bit, put it on your head, neck, or face. 

9. Use a spritzer bottle.

Fill a bottle with water and keep in the fridge. Spritz it on your face when you need a boost.

10. Fix a broken A/C or make sure it’s working efficiently.

If you’ve already got an A/C and it’s not doing its job, get it checked out. You can find Hamiton appliance repair technicians to test it and make sure everything is in working order. 

You don’t have to suffer in the heat! Try these 10 easy ways to cool down when the weather is too hot.

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