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How to Keep Drains Fresh and Block-Free in Homes?

There are some smart ways to keep your drains clean in the house so that you have to give the call to the plumber very less or never for clogged drains. The main trouble most households get with drains are clogs, blocks, sewage water reversal, pipe internal bursts and leaks, bad odor, gurgling sound, etc. These all relate to drain blocks and can be avoided with good maintenance and cleaning of drains without sticks and poles and instruments. You need to get your hand dirty for the cleaning. Without these also you may very well keep the drains in bathrooms and kitchens and other places clean. For this, you need to maintain and observe a few things.

How to maintain clean drains at home

Drains at home will be found at all those places where you need to get off the wastewater. This means you will find drains at toilets, bathrooms, kitchen, sinks, and other washbasins and gaps elsewhere. These are the common places. Besides if you have a well-constructed lawn or garden that you have maintained with proper drainage, you will have to maintain your drains there as well. Hence, these drain exits need care and timely maintenance. This can be done without any special tool if only you care to maintain a period cleaning job.

You need a safe and friendly agent for cleaning a drain. You can use them by activating them with a solvent liquid, which in most cases is water. The dry powder or liquid form cleaner is made into a liquid or diluted, and in some cases are used in the real concentrated form only. This drain cleaning solvent or mixture is poured on to the drain opening. This pouring and waiting for the drain to get clean are the only jobs which you do. Rest of the cleaning action is done by the cleaner. Using the strong formula, these cleaners clean the drain and give you a safe, free passage of drain which is odorless and good to go clean for another few months.

Avoid clogging the drains

There are some other things to maintain to make sure your actions do not clog the drain. They are:

  • One of the main reasons for clogged drains is solid waste. Drains are not meant to transport or get you rid of solid waste which is too big sized and not as much water soluble. Therefore you should not throw waste which is larger than grain size through drains.
  • Avoid passing hair through the drain. Human hair and pet dander are big drains clogging agents which attracts much other solid waste and dirt and form a big glob of thick, sticky dirt.
  • Avoid passing diapers, sanitary napkins, and tissue papers or toilet papers through drains. Drains cannot pass them, and surely will get clogged from these.
  • Grease is a big reason to clog drains when you pour oily stuff in huge volumes, and then the oil solidified inside due to lower temperatures. Whenever you pass grease through the drain try to do so with hot water for effective passage.


Maintaining these few steps will help you keep the drains clean. Using strong drain cleaning solvents and agents that you get from the market is a smart step too. When you periodically clean drains using such products drains stay fresh and clean.

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