Did you know that there are over 27,000 medical ambulance operators in the US? Their purpose is to provide medical emergency assistance when needed.

But, many people do not know when to call medical ambulances. Consequently, some deaths arise from late treatment due to delayed ambulance calls.

Every minute is vital when it comes to emergency medical services. So, it’s essential to know when to call a medical ambulance.

Read on to learn some of the instances you may need to call an ambulance.

When Dealing With a Life-Threatening Condition

When Dealing With a Life-Threatening Condition

It’s essential to recognize the signs of life-threatening conditions. Some of the signs include:

  • Chest pain
  • Chest tightening or pressure
  • Seizure
  • Stroke
  • Uncontrollable bleeding
  • Difficulty breathing

Many people tend to underestimate the implications of breathing difficulties. It’s normal to experience difficulty breathing when doing strenuous activities like running. But, shortness of breath shouldn’t last long.

You’ll also need emergency care if the difficulty breathing is accompanied by chest pain. This could indicate a heart attack. Its severity depends on how fast you get care.

When Movement May Worsen the Situation

You’ll also need to call a medical ambulance if any action on your part causes further injury. There are many situations where medical professionals encourage limited movement.

For example, you should limit movement when a person falls down the stairs. You should also restrict movement in more severe situations like car accidents.

This is because such scenarios may involve neck injuries or spinal fractures. Movement may cause permanent damage, or worse, death.

It’s important to note that moving patients may be treated as negligence when you know better. This is despite the existence of the Good Samaritan law. It doesn’t protect against gross negligence.

When You Need the Skills of a Paramedic

When You Need the Skills of a Paramedic

Most people drive themselves to the emergency room. But, this is not always recommended. Sometimes, paramedic care could mean the difference between life or death.

Paramedics carry specialized equipment and have medical training. So, they can help reduce your symptoms before you see a doctor.

Calling a medical ambulance is particularly important when dealing with an unconscious person. In some cases, the person may be unable to breathe.

If not resuscitated before reaching the hospital, they may die. As such, it’s always essential to call the professionals.

You’ll also need to call an ambulance when dealing with severe burns. Remember that you may not always get immediate services at the hospital. But paramedics’ actions can prevent the burns from worsening as you wait to see a doctor.

When You Are Far From the Emergency Room

When You Are Far From the Emergency Room

Always call an ambulance if you need medical services but are too far away from the hospital. An ambulance will reach you faster than you can reach the hospital.

This is because people pull over for ambulances. You’ll also need to call an ambulance if you expect traffic on your way to the hospital.

Apart from having the right-of-way, you’ll get medical help on the road. Calling 911 could save your life or that of your loved ones.

Save Life by Calling a Medical Ambulance

It’s always best to call a medical ambulance when in a life or death situation. Even when unsure, it’s still better to safe than sorry.

Paramedics are trained professionals. They will manage your symptoms until you see a doctor.

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