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How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle at College

With a hectic schedule crammed with seminars, coursework, meetings, and maintaining a social life, many college students tend to put their general health on the backburner. While some students may not think they need to worry about their day to day healthy habits, making small changes can make a big impact, helping to improve productivity levels.

No matter what course you’re studying, here are a few tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout your college years

Eat Right

As a college student, the thought of eating healthily may be the last thing on your mind. If you’ve moved away from home and are living on campus, processed foods may be on your agenda. While you don’t have to give up the junk food entirely, it’s important to incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables, and protein into your diet as well, according to DietHive. Also, you should never underestimate the importance of breakfast. If you have an 8 am class and don’t have the time to sit down, grabbing a banana or granola bar can go a long way in helping you stay healthy.

Regular Exercise

With a busy college schedule to adhere to, finding the time for regular exercise may be difficult. Thankfully, most college campuses understand this and make it easier for students to get regular exercise. One of the best ways to get exercise is to walk to your classes. Many colleges provide physical fitness classes that you may be interested in. With a mountain of coursework and classes to attend, you may not feel there are enough hours in the day to commit yourself to exercise. However, even 30 minutes out of your day can make a big difference.

Get Enough Sleep

If the day ahead consists of numerous classes and seminars, it’s crucial that you get your head down and get plenty of sleep. As a college student, having the freedom to stay up and wake up when you like may be exciting, but if you’re serious about attaining good grades, then getting plenty of sleep each night is important. If you’ve chosen to stay at home for your college studies, make sure that you invest in a mattress that aids sleep. Get one that’s soft and comfortable, otherwise, you will find yourself waking up frequently through the night.

Drink Lots of Water

From the moment you walk into the classroom, it’s important that your concentration levels are at their highest. Putting 110% into your course and exams should be a no brainer, so staying hydrated throughout the day is key. Drinking plenty of water replenishes your body and will give you more energy to get you through the day. It’s always best to opt for water over soda, so to get into the habit of drinking water, be sure to carry a water bottle with you. Your college will have water fountains around the campus that you can use to top it up as and when you need it. You should choose the best glass water bottle with overall style, durability & price.

Factor in Time for Yourself

Attending lessons, completing coursework, and studying for exams can take its toll on your health and wellbeing. If you try and do too much at once, it’s likely that you will burn out far quicker, so rather than trying to juggle everything, it’s important that you factor in time for yourself. Allocating an hour out of your day for some ‘me time’ can help reduce stress levels and keep you focused. Regular breaks to catch up with friends or do the things you love is important. While you’re at college to learn, that’s not to say you can’t have some fun along the way!

Your college years are said to be some of your best in life, so incorporating healthy habits into your day to day routine can help you excel academically and keep your mental and physical health in check.

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