You have been planning to take time out of your busy schedule and go for a long relaxing vacation abroad. Your bags are all set and you are headed for the airport. You then think of the best spot to park your car.

Never settle or compromise when it comes to parking your car for a prolonged period of time.That is why a company like Parkos is your best bet in finding the safest airport parking at Melbourne for your motor vehicle. They offer travelers ample long-term airport parking at low cost.

In addition, they offer security a level higher as compared to the traditional airport parking options. Maximum protection against vandalism and theft is guaranteed. Who wouldn’t want to find their car in the same exact condition they left it?

In as much as proper care is ensured at Parkos, there are a few other things car owners must do so as to make sure their valued asset is safe and in top-notch conditionat Melbourne airport.

O      Remove all valuables from the car

This is the number one precaution I take when going to Melbourne airport parking since I am originally from Melbourne. Yes, they do have tight security, but I see no point in ‘tempting’ people into taking important and valuable stuff from you.

Personally, what I do is, before I pull up onto any valet park or parking spot, I hide or go with all my important documents.

Also, do not leave an extra car key in the car as this may give thieves access to your trunk making it easy to steal the car itself.

Last but not least, avoid leaving loose change somewhere visible. At the very least, you may have to get car key replacement which itself is not ideal.

O      Give your vehicle a checkup before leaving

It is advisable to do a thorough checkup to make sure your car is in its perfect condition. Cars tend to exacerbate small issues when left for a longtime. The last thing you would want is to come back home to a car that will not start and spend a large amount of money on tow services and repairs. Something that would be easily avoided with a little routine maintenance.

You can start by confirming that the batteries are in good working condition and are at full charge. Batteries are notorious for going bad if they remain unused for prolonged periods of time.

O      Look for 24hour security

A majority of airport parking offer 24-hour security. However, just like in any other business, there are those that will put in more effort as compared to others. It is for you to do your research and determine that the parking space providers you choose offer 24-hour surveillance. 

Side note

The specific place you decide to park your car is very crucial. In airports, it is particularly important to park in view of exit toll booths. If possible, be in view of the parking office. Also, being anywhere near the shuttle bus station is an excellent idea. The increased traffic in these areas will discourage potential thieves from jacking your car.Another thing is parking while the truck faces out. This helps facilitate easier access to the car trunk in case you have stuff to put in there after the trip.

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