It’s not the best circumstances, but when police charge you with a DUI, you’ll need to pick a DUI attorney. Driving under the influence can carry with it some severe penalties. Navigating the legal system can be a challenge, and you’ll want an attorney who can explain things and your best options.

There are several things to consider when you pick a DUI attorney, including DUI case experience, comparing attorney fees, and online client reviews. Choosing the right attorney is a big decision, but making the right choice will help tremendously.

Here’s what you need to know about how to pick a DUI attorney.

Pick a DUI Attorney With Experience

DUI Attorney

When you pick a DUI attorney with experience, you get someone who knows all of the nuances of state DUI laws. Local experience counts when dealing with the local court system and the arresting officer; when there are many options for attorneys, experience matters.

If questions surround your arrest or tactics used by the police department, an experienced lawyer will know how best to deal with the situation. After an arrest, you might think the problem is hopeless, but an experienced lawyer can help.

An attorney with experience knows the tricks of the trade. When dealing with something as serious as a DUI – especially if it’s your second or third arrest – you want someone with good credentials. After your 3rd DUI, hire the best attorney with DUI case experience.

Comparing Attorney Fees

average attorney fees

A DUI arrest can cost a lot of money. The tab can quickly add up between attorney fees, court costs, and other damages. When you pick a DUI attorney, it’s best to begin the process of comparing attorney fees. You will want to find what your attorney will include while handling your case.

Comparing attorney fees is as easy as figuring out what you can and can’t afford. You can negotiate some of these fees. You might have to use your house as collateral or ask relatives to help.

It’s best to know what you will owe before the legal process begins and how much you will want to spend on your defense.

Online Client Reviews

After a DUI case, many clients will write about their DUI case experience online. Online client reviews are a great way to learn how others think about their DUI case experience and how their attorney handled state DUI laws.

Online client reviews can give you insight into a lawyer’s handling of cases and perhaps how they negotiate things like fees and even if they can avoid going to court.

How to Pick a DUI Attorney

How to Pick a DUI Attorney

There are several ways to pick a DUI attorney, including looking for experience, comparing attorney fees, and reading online reviews. By doing your research and choosing wisely, you can get the best DUI attorney for your situation.

When police charge you with a DUI, it’s a serious charge that carries long-term implications. You want the best attorney fighting for you.

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