Rowing machines have become popular home workout machines for most people. It’s also difficult not to find one in any gym nowadays.

The reasons for the machine’s popularity are numerous. Primarily, a rowing machine provides a full-body workout. It will require the user to work his or her upper and lower muscles. Additionally, these machines offer a less risky method for burning calories, especially for aged gym enthusiasts who don’t want to use the treadmill.

So, which is the best rowing machine for your home? You may ask. That depends on so many factors, and in this article, we’ll highlight some of the factors you should have in mind next time you are shopping for one.

1. Do you have enough space at home?

Do you have enough space at home

Obviously, many people would rather skip on this part, but it’s essential. You need to designate enough space to place your preferred rowing machine.

Basically, in our research, we found out that most rowing machines have an equal size as that of a conventional sofa set. You can use your sofa set to see the amount of space you might need to use your rowing machine effectively.

Furthermore, why would you buy a rowing machine that you may never end up using just because you don’t have enough space?

2. What’s your budget?

When shopping for a rowing machine, of course, a lot comes to play. But one thing that you need to prioritize is how much you are willing to use.

For most people, this question requires that you think through your needs first. You can even settle for a low-range rowing machine if a low-priced option fits your needs. However, if your needs require that you buy a high-priced machine with high-quality features and durability, you may have to spend more money.

Nonetheless, it’s always good to have a budget but learn to stick to it. Your budget will also help you filter out some of the rowing machines you meet when shopping.

3. The purpose of the rowing machine

The purpose of the rowing machine

In most cases, rowing machines come for two main uses. You can buy it for use in your home or a commercial gym. An indoor rowing machine is ideal for home use, but it may not be suitable for the gym, mainly because different sizes will use the device.

Besides that, if you’ll buy a rowing machine that you’ll have to share with other users, make sure that it can withstand their sizes and their resistance needs. It should have the capacity to hold different weights and height capacities since most of them have various capabilities.

4. Type of resistance required

When shopping, you’ll come across different types of rowing types with different resistances. The most common styles include air, magnetic, water, and hydraulic-piston.

All of these options operate differently. For instance, air resistance rowing machines depend on the user’s rowing intensity. If you use high intensity, then the resistance is higher than when you use low intensity.

For magnetic, you have to set the resistance since it uses a magnetic braking system to provide resistance. You have the freedom to adjust the resistance depending on your

strength and needs. Water pistons depend on water.

Hydraulic-pistons use a hydraulic piston to set resistance, which you can also adjust. These rowing machines are quiet and come at low prices.

Check out this article to see a side-by-side comparison of both the air and water rowing machines.

5. Check out different reviews

Check out different reviews

Before you set out to buy any machines, it’s always advisable to read different reviews online. It helps differentiate the other rowing machines you see online and their effectiveness in solving your workout needs.

When reading these reviews, check out what the reviews say about your preferred machines, their quality, user-friendliness, the technology used to manufacture them, durability, and if they are worth the costs provided.

Another thing is that you should always buy from reputable brands. That is not to say that rowing machines from newer brands are not worth it, no. However, ensure that the brand you buy from provides high-quality machines that are worth the money.


Buying a rowing machine that is worth your money doesn’t come easy. You have to be patient when carrying out research. Get to find out as many rowing machines as possible so that you can have a wide variety to pick. Additionally, asking for recommendations from your family and friends can be a money saver.