Imagine saying your vows with your feet in the sand, the sun setting over the ocean, and the sound of the waves in the background. Your closest friends and family have joined you and your loved one for a magical beach getaway wedding. How amazing does that sound? You can make it a reality by planning a perfect destination beach wedding. It’s not exactly an easy or stress-free process. But we have put together a list of the most important things to do when planning a destination beach wedding.

Research, research, research

Before you set or book anything, make sure you have researched your destination thoroughly. Read reviews, watch video reviews, make phone calls and ask every question you need to ask about a venue. Make sure you know exactly what to expect so there are no surprises. Ask questions such as: what are the accommodation options and are they available? Will the beach be private? What kind of catering services are there? What is the climate like? Is there a plan-B option for bad weather?

Find somewhere which can guarantee privacy

You don’t want to be walking down your sandy aisle with a whole bunch of ogling tourists taking photos of you. Privacy is important for beach weddings, so make sure the place you choose has protocol in place for weddings. Choose a venue which is used to hosting private weddings, and make sure your privacy requirements are well understood before you get there, so you don’t have to edit your videos to remove people you don’t know.  

Go for light, breezy, easy outfit and beauty looks

Beach wedding dresses are generally light and less formal for a reason. A highly structured, formal wedding dress just doesn’t really go well with a natural, beachy setting. It doesn’t mean you have to be completely non-glam, but go for wedding dresses with a little more movement. Think draping as opposed to corsets, floaty fabrics as opposed to stiff tulle, and pearl beading as opposed to full on diamante applique.

It’s likely that your beach wedding will be in the early evening when the sun is still bold but just beginning to go down. To make the most of this, choose glowy makeup which will catch the light. Keep the skin fresh, dewy, and healthy, with gently sculpted eyes and a smudge of tint on the lips. Avoid a sticky lip gloss, as beaches tend to be very breezy and you don’t want hair or sand sticking to your lips!

Make sure there are plenty of facilities

Before you book anything, make sure you’re completely aware of the facilities in the area. Are there enough bathrooms and shady places for the guests? How far away are they? Do the guests need to be prepared to walk far? Is there a bar and restaurant or sheltered venue close by for speeches and dinner? Is there somewhere safe and secure for guests to put bags and gifts? Request that the venue give you a full list of every service and facility on offer before you set any dates or confirm bookings.

Consider a back-up plan

No-one wants to imagine their wedding day being rained out, but you have to acknowledge that it’s a possibility. Outdoor weddings come with the added risk of being ruined by weather. Make sure that there is an indoor option available to you if your wedding day succumbs to rain.


A destination beach wedding is a wonderful choice if you’re in desperate need of a relaxing getaway as well as hosting a beautiful wedding. Make sure to start your planning process really early so your guests can get their travel and work-leave sorted without rush. Research possible venues thoroughly, make sure there’s privacy available, and be sure to know what facilities are open to you. And of course…pray for fine weather!

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