Castle Squares is a game for just about anyone at any age or skill level. It’s a game that resembles a hybrid of volleyball and four square. Instead of the square being marked out on the ground, the squares are elevated six to eight feet off of the ground. That’s right, the grid is over the player’s heads. It can be played with 2, 4, 6, or 9 squares according to the number of players you have. But we’ll be focusing on Castle Squares 9 Square here.

How To Play 9 Square

9 square

The goal of a 9 Square competition is to take the king/queen square located at the center of the grid. If it were tic-tac-toe, it would probably be where you’d want to place your first X. The game begins when the person in the center square serves the ball up and over the grid to a player in another square as if playing volleyball. Each player will protect both their square and the ball, by not letting the ball touch the ground. When a player fails to protect the ball and their square or hits the ball outside of the playing grid, they are out and will move into the first square position to advance everyone into the next square to fill the empty spot. The person in the king/queen square will always make the first serve of a round.

Who Can Play

9 square

Anyone who can control a ball can play Castle Squares 9 Square. It can be an individual sport or a team sport. It doesn’t matter if you’re 8-years-old in the third grade or a college athlete or a mother of three, you can try your hand at 9 Square and fall in love. It’s great for building community and team building exercises. It’s also great for PE teachers and introducing the game of volleyball.

Where To Play

9 square

There are actually Castle Square tournaments that happen around the country. They’re a lot of fun for both spectators and players alike. If you’re just playing amongst friends, a spacious backyard, neighborhood park, or even an empty parking lot will suffice. As long as you have enough space for the grid to go up, enough players, and a volleyball, you’re good to go. And if you don’t have a volleyball, don’t worry. You can make do with a soccer ball, kickball, or even a basketball if that’s what you have available.

Sounds like big fun, doesn’t it? Of course! It’s a great game for just about anyone to play. Playing 9 Square is probably the best fun, filled with the kind of controlled chaos that people love in a casual game. It encourages spending time outdoors and enjoying the company of others. And like any casual game, you can make it your own. Add in rules like, each player can only touch the ball twice before lobbing it into another square. It’s totally up to you and your fellow Castle Squarers. The point is to have a good time, so get creative and get out there.

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