If you decide to start playing a Rogue with the Stealth specialization in the Dragonflight update, a guide will help you, which will tell you about the main skills and mechanics that will be useful for comfortable playing in the class.

Basics of the Rogue Stealth Specialization in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

World of Warcraft

The Stealth specialization allows you to deal heavy damage in a short period of time through the main skills of Shadow Dance and Symbols of Death. The class has a lot of defensive skills and specializes in covert and decisive attacks rather than sustained combat.

Stealth may seem like a difficult class, but this is only at first glance and the character will be easily mastered even by a beginner.

The main task is to use cooldowns – the main skills that are used whenever the possibility of their use is renewed.

From the main ones:

  • Shadow blades – extend the series of attacks by one step and increase attacks by 50% with the power of darkness.
  • Symbols of Death – Increase the level of attacks and replenish the character’s energy.
  • Disappear – Removes all negative effects that reduce and restrict movement and hide the character from enemy eyes. For the first three seconds, negative skills do not deal damage and do not remove the player from the state of invisibility.

Use the Meat Grinder skill to greatly increase attack speed for a short period of time.

Rupture – Deals damage and inflicts a bleeding effect.

Backstab – strong physical damage an increase if the blow is delivered to the target in the back.

Shuriken Flurry – Throws sharp shurikens around him for 10 meters, hitting all opponents. The effect slows nearby targets by 50% and deals damage.

Dark Strike – if the character is invisible, it allows you to move behind your back to the enemy and deliver an enhanced blow.

Eviscerate is a skill that ends a series of attacks and deals damage depending on the accumulated combos.

A flurry of shurikens and a meat grinder will help you collect many monsters to destroy them in a fast way and replace a full-fledged AoE farm.

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characteristics for the class

Selection of Characteristics for the Class

Regardless of your path of character development with the Stealth specialization, along the path of killing single or mass targets, the selection of characteristics should be emphasized to form the most profitable and useful potential for a comfortable game.

Critical Strike – The chance and power of a critical attack when using skills or simple attacks is an ideal start for development. The Rogue class attacks with great speed and in order to achieve maximum efficiency, the larger and stronger the critical attack, the more deadly the player will be for opponents and monsters.

Mastery – allows you to use attacking skills, make them stronger, more often, and more likely to inflict fatal damage.

Versatility – the ability to use skills for single and mass attacks, a combination of defensive skills and skills that increase the survival and efficiency of the class.

Speed is the main movement. A rogue must not only deal deadly damage, but also be able to enter and exit combat in a timely manner – this is the key to success when playing such an adventurous and strong, but flimsy class. Speed is the primary start on a level with all the others listed, but don’t neglect simple movement.

Stealth Rogue class

The Main Advantages of the Stealth Rogue Class

Fast burst damage that deals heavy damage to the target with a chance to kill with one or two combo attacks.

Powerful skills with defensive effects:

  • Cloak of Shadows – Removes all magical debuffs and prevents new ones from being applied, and increases magic defense for 5 seconds.
  • Trick – Reduces damage from enemy AoE attacks by 40%.
  • Evasion – Increases your chance to dodge enemy attacks by 100% for 10 seconds.
  • Scarlet Vial – The character drinks an alchemical potion that restores 20% of health over 4 seconds.

The damage the rogue deals to secondary targets amplifies the damage to the primary target. So by combining Shurikens, you can achieve a significant increase in attack on a priority target.

Various abilities that increase the group’s potential, especially in dungeons

Cloak of Concealment – Disguises the fireteam and all players within 30 meters of the character for 15 seconds and makes them invisible to monsters and other players.

Kidney Strike – Having accumulated a sufficient level of energy and a combo of attacks, you can stun the enemy for 5 seconds, which is enough to kill in almost any situation. Difficult enemies and bosses can be deactivated for a period long enough for an MMO RPG.

Sneaky trick – stuns the target for 4 seconds, and can be combined with a blow to the kidneys.

Blinding – confuse the enemy, make him lose his target, and wander for one minute without the ability to recover. The effect wears off over one minute, or upon taking any damage.

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