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How to Protect Yourself Against Slip And Fall Injury?

Injuries are inevitable, and where injuries happen due to external factors,  the question becomes, is there a legal remedy? In many situations a person does have a legal remedy but in order to make it viable, one needs to proof of negligence. Hire a slip and fall injury attorney to give you every chance of recovering for your injury.

How to protect yourself in a slip and fall injury:

o     Know the timeframe

When you file a suit in court, you have to adhere to a specific timeline. This timeline varies among jurisdictions. A statute of limitations gives an aggrieved party a set amount of time within which to file the case.  If not filed within that time, the claim is forever barred absent very limited exceptions.

o     Never sign anything without your lawyer’s presence

Signing documents that you do not completely read or understand is never a good idea. The best way to be safe in these situations is to never sign a document without the legal advice of your lawyer. A lawyer is trained to help you avoid releasing rights without proper compensation.

o     Don’t answer any questions from an insurance company

You have a right to remain silent. Never say or answer anything that could be used against you and make sure your lawyer is present or at least consulted prior to any questioning by an insurance adjuster. In many cases, we see people making statements that they never imagined would be used against them at a later point in the case.

o     Determine liability

You need to understand why the accident happened and who is responsible for it. Fall injury lawyers can help you in determining the liability of the person you believe is responsible for the accident.

o     Prove that the accident was not your mistake

To prove causation is one thing but in order to maximize your recovery, you may need to prove that you were not at fault or at least less at fault than the defendant for the injury. Contributory negligence is used by a defendant to minimize your recovery.  Consulting with a personal injury attorney regarding how to approach this issue is an absolute must.  Call Burton Law Group, P.C., We’re Here to Help!

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