As a developer you want your mobile app to rank at the top of the various app service provider listings including the Google Play Store. App development might be your domain, and after painstaking hours at the drawing board followed by the workshop you have managed to build a custom app, but how to rank your app higher at the Play Store?

Optimizing the app aids to rank your app in the top search bracket. This article will shed light on a few tips and pointers towards the perfect optimization of your app in the search results. You would not want your app to be invisible and miss out on the “download times” count. For more information, you can get in touch with Vision Smash Philadelphia SEO agency.  

Let’s dive right in!


Optimization of the keyword is highly essential for any marketing campaign; even for your app. You can make the app relevant to the use of the right keyword in the title along with symbols to increase the visibility and uniqueness. Additionally, the keyword is also present in the description of the app. A single keyword title is generally highly specific and results in the accumulation of hits and downloads.

Importance of reviews, ratings and user experience

As the developer, your primary goal is to create an app which is the same as you wanted to develop it. Smoothing out the imperfect corners with respect to better performance is highly essential for better user reviews and ratings. The size of the app is also important as consumers these days are conscious of their storage space for the handheld devices. You must remember that you are in a market where your product is viable as long as it is popular. Negative reviews hurt the popular opinion and taking the right steps to ensure a glitch-free app will boost your campaign in the long run. Be open to negative reviews and work on the problem areas to provide an improved version in the next update.

Targeting the audience

The audience for an app is dependent on the factors of age and location. The onus is on you to find and cater to the right audience. The better you get at it, the more are your chances of a better response on your campaign. Search for better locations to get those download numbers up. Be audience specific and cultivate your niche audience.

App Store Optimization

ASO is quite similar to SEO. There are a few basic steps for ASO, and you can follow them to increase the download numbers by getting your app to rank higher than the competition and maybe become the “editor’s choice” or the “top pick of the month.”

As stated earlier, the title of the app should be related to the app with the perfect keyword that users will generally use to search for. A robust description is also required usually around 165 characters. Keywords should be repeated 4-5 times within the description.

Screenshots, graphics, and videos

You should never cut corners when it comes to marketing your product. Audio-visual cues come in handy to entice and excite viewers into making a download or a purchase. Screenshots and videos that depict the graphics and running of the app are extremely helpful especially for games and popular consumer products.

Only with a proper application of the tips and strategies you can rank your mobile app higher and get results.

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