It’s no secret that Long Island NY is an expensive place to live. It is in the Atlantic Ocean and is made up of 4 counties – Suffolk, Nassau, Kings and Queens. The western and central regions are essentially residential areas while the east part is agricultural.

Sell for a Little bit Less

Selling a house is no easy business, even in times when the real estate market is good. However, there are always tips that will guide you as to how to sell your house as soon as possible.

Know how much your home is worth and rather be prepared to accept just a bit less so a sale goes through quickly. Some sellers insist on getting the price they have in mind and end up never selling as a result. 

There are even homebuyers who do a lot of research on who the potential sellers are on Long Island and when they find a homeowner who wants to sell fast, they’re able to help them out quickly to close the deal. Some buyers just insist on good deals, without realizing that their overpriced home is at a serious disadvantage.

There are always things you can do to help with selling your home fast –

Curb appeal. Estate agents always recommend neatening a home up. If you don’t have lots of money and you’re selling because you can no longer afford your home, do simple, affordable ‘touch-ups’ such as trimming the grass, trimming trees, giving the front door a new coat of paint and putting a new pane of glass in the window where the pane was cracked.

First impressions count a lot with prospective homebuyers. If, however, you just don’t have the means to fix up your place, don’t stress, as Leave The Key Homebuyers can sell your home as-is.

There’s A Cash-Buyer in the Wings

It’s amazing and such a relief to know that your home can have a cash offer, and one that is competitive, within just 24 hours. No ghastly, critical buyers giving your home the once over and the cold shoulder, not listings or time-consuming prep-work – just a sale when you least expect it.

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