All of our lives are so busy with commitments to study, work, immediate family and in some cases, care for elderly family members who rely on our help. This makes it easy to forget to appreciate the relationship we have to the love of our life. Yet it is important that we appreciate our partners and tell them how important they are to us. With a conscious effort to show gratitude and appreciation to those we love, we can maintain long-term loving relationships.

Actions speak louder than words

Saying thank, you can be more than just saying the two words. Hug a little longer, kiss a little deeper to keep open the direct line of communication. These actions improve the way you show your love and appreciation in ways that words cannot. This doesn’t mean spending a lot of money or making a big fuss. It could simply be returning from a quick shop for bread and milk with a copy of their favourite magazine or one that has an interview or article about a topic they are interested in. It may be that you found their favourite candy from childhood or a small bar of luxury chocolate that you know they limit so they can provide for you. 

Do something for them without any expectation of return

Do not wait for a holiday or other special occasion to do something nice for your loved one. Placing a sweet message in their coat pocket or bag which they will read after they have left for work reinforces that they are loved. This should be done with no expectation of any return, as you simply want them to know they are loved. Letting him have friends’ round for games or movie night or offering a massage after a stressful day at work will raise a smile and feel they are important in the relationship. 

Surprise them with a gift

A surprise night out to your favourite restaurant or tickets to see your favourite team or band show your beloved that they are particularly special to you. Unique gifts mirror how unique you know your sweetheart is. Valuable gifts make it clear that you value your relationship. A 24k gold rose gift will hold such value in terms of beauty and longevity that your sweetheart will know that you value your relationship and want it to last until the end of your days. 

Take on their chores for the day

Having a day off from responsibilities is a precious gift. It shows that you appreciate the work they do. If they run the home, look after the children, the pets and their have other responsibilities, taking on these responsibilities gives you an appreciation of the energy needed for them to be able to do everything and may lead you to reorganise your schedule to even out the load a little, which is a priceless appreciation. It also frees up their time to use to do with what they want. 

Pampering day of love and attention

A visit to a local health spa for a couple of hours will not only show that you cherish and appreciate your beloved, but also that you understand they need a chance to relax. You could also set up a spa day at home. Have the children minded elsewhere with friends or family whilst she has a long soak in a bath followed by a special lunch in which you can chat about how you appreciate your relationship. Any discussions about work, finances and other outside topics should be banned.

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