Fitness training is a highly competitive industry, and it’s not going to get any easier. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that personal training will continue to grow at a yearly rate of 15%, which is significantly higher than average. So, in a field with such high supply, how can someone in the fitness industry make sure they meet the demand? Here are 6 ways for a personal trainer to stand out and attract new clients.

Effective Tips To Stand Out As A Personal Trainer

1. Become a personal trainer for the right reasons

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Intent matters! There are many personal trainers who are only in it for the money or status. Clients often can see right through this, and may even feel the lack of passion or care behind the exercises. Fitness is incredibly personal and should be taken seriously in a trusted relationship between client and trainer. If you aren’t committed to the individual you are working with, connected to their specific needs, and genuinely excited about working with them to help achieve their goals, you may have a hard time both attracting and maintaining clients. Ask yourself why you want to obtain your certification for personal training. Don’t underestimate the power of putting heart into your work.

2. Find a niche

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There’s nothing necessarily wrong with being a general fitness trainer, but if you are looking to attract clients- especially the higher-paying ones- it is important that you pick a niche. There are tons of options, from private yoga training to HIIT training, you are sure to find something that sparks both your own interest and the enthusiasm to share your knowledge with the world. The more specific you are about what methods you use, the more specific you can become when it comes to targeting a demographic. Being able to successfully pinpoint who your intended clients are is a key factor in marketing yourself. If you’re totally unsure of what your niche may be, don’t be afraid to try out a few popular workouts, even branch out of your comfort zone, until you land on something you feel passionate about.

3. Market yourself online

Nowadays, there is no getting around the internet. Gone are the days of simply carrying business cards around with you wherever you go (though, this can never hurt!). Invest some time to set up a website where you can break down your methods and rates, share client testimonials, and even include pictures to attract clients. Do not shy away from social media! If you use your platforms strategically, you can create a space to engage with prospective, new, and longstanding clients. Be sure to keep your accounts updated consistently, and to share relevant content that your clients will enjoy. You may even consider making YouTube training videos, or starting a blog that is packed with educational content to act as a teaser for potential clients. The more quality content you put out there, the more you’ll continually attract clients and build a valuable community.

4. Continue to learn

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One of the best things we can do in life, no matter our field or career goals, is to never stop learning. Don’t let your education end with your fitness training certificate. In such a competitive field, it is easy to fall behind as the trends keep changing and trainers keep progressing. Make sure to educate yourself on nutrition, science, anatomy, physiology, and even the psychology of what motivates people. The more you learn, the sharper the edge you’ll have in the industry. Strive to not only keep up with the trends but even to stay ahead of them. If you prioritize staying well-rounded in your knowledge and supporting your client’s fitness journey from every necessary angle within your niche, you’ll establish a higher level of credibility and generate plenty of great referrals.

5. Add value

When you offer extra value to clients, you will certainly stand out from a crowd of money-hungry trainers. Added value means added trust, and added trust means higher rates of longevity in clients and more client recommendations. Some examples of great ways to add value to your training are a free introductory session, money-back if you’re not satisfied with the results, a free guidebook with tips, or free access to a members-only online community. Don’t worry, the small amount of dough you sacrifice on these deals will quickly pay off!


While there are tons of personal trainers out there, there will always still be more people looking for training. Don’t let yourself become discouraged by the amount of competition in your growing field- there is something for everyone, and you might be just that something! If you take the proper steps and invest the time and energy required to stand out in a crowd of fitness trainers, you will have no problem creating and sustaining a successful career with happy, healthy clients.