How to Store Cannabis Seeds

Did you know that cannabis seeds will come in a pack of 10-12 and start around $40? Higher-end genetics can even run between $200-500.

When you get them in hand, do you how to store cannabis seeds properly? Without the right protection and care, you could be losing money. You don’t want to let this happen to you, do you?

Thankfully, we have come up with a guide below on how to store cannabis seeds. Before you know it, you’ll have what you need to get started. Read on to learn all about the process.

Use the Right Storage Container

To start storing cannabis seeds the right way, think about the container first. You don’t want to use any random container you have. Find one made of one material, not a mixture. For example, don’t use a plastic container with a metal lid or a glass container with a plastic lid.

The reason for this is you want your seeds to be in the most desired conditions. Moisture may occur if the temperature rises. We recommend heading to for the best results.

Label the Containers

When storing cannabis seeds, do you have multiple strains? If so, you’re going to want to stay organized and label your containers. If you don’t do this, you may have seeds from years ago and forget which strain they are.

You may even not remember that they are indeed cannabis seeds!

Keep Light Out

When learning how to store cannabis seeds, one of the simplest things to remember is keeping the light out. Germination needs light. So, if you’d rather not have your seeds sprout, you need to store cannabis seeds in an opaque container.

If you can’t get your hands on an opaque container, you can use black plastic wrap first then put the cannabis seeds in a glass jar.

Track Temperature

One of the best cannabis seeds storage tips we have to offer is maintaining a stable temperature. You don’t want your cannabis seeds to freeze, so try to keep them around 40° F.

Most people will store them in a fridge or freezer. When learning how to store cannabis seeds properly, you want to make sure the temperature is constant and doesn’t wobble. If so, the cannabis seeds will deteriorate with time.

Now You Know How to Store Cannabis Seeds

Now you have an idea of how to store cannabis seeds. From this knowledge, you can expound on it even further. With proper storage, you will save time and money.

Your goal should be to keep them for months on end rather than days or weeks. The more you practice proper storage, the more the habit will become ingrained.

Whether for business or personal use, knowing how to take care of your cannabis seeds is important. With your newfound knowledge, feel free to share it. To stay on track with this budding industry, read our blog.

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